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By: Bruce Alan Perler, M.B.A., M.D.

  • Vice Chair for Clinical Operations and Financial Affairs
  • Professor of Surgery


When a blue light was pulsed women's health center vancouver wa purchase femara overnight delivery, the insights that each approach has to breast cancer jordans purchase 2.5 mg femara ofer and combine the whiskers moved (Aravanis et al womens health 50 secret purchase femara 2.5mg otc. By addressing a question fom diferent perspec as well as Frances Crick women's health quinoa salad discount femara uk, would have shouted, Eureka! Many new opsins have and the behavioral methods it uses to gain insight into ben discovered, including ones that respond to diferent how the brain represents and manipulates information. We then turn to how these methods have ben used to Infared light is advantageous because it penetrates tis characterize the behavioral changes that accompany sue, and thus, it may eliminate the ned for implanting neurological insult or disorder, the subfeld traditionally optical fbers to deliver the light pulse to the target tissue. While neuropsychological Optogenetic methods have ben used to turn on and of studies of human patients are dependent on the vagaries cells in many parts of the brain, providing experimenters of nature, the basic logic of the approach is now pur with new tools to manipulate behavior. A demonstration sued with methods in which neural function is deliber of the clinical potential of this method comes fom a re ately perturbed. We review a range of methods used to cent study in which optogenetic methods were able to perturb neural function. Afer creating observational methods, frst reviewing ways in which light-sensitive neurons in their amygdala (se Chapter 10), cognitive neuroscientists measure neurophysiological a fash of light was sufcient to motivate the mice to move signals in either human or animal models, and second, by away fom the wall of their home cage and boldly step out examining methods in which neural structure and func into the center. Interestingly, this efect worked only if the tion are inferred through measurements of metabolic and light was targeted at a specifc subregion of the amygdala. When studying an organ with If the entire structure was exposed to the light, the mice 11 billion basic elements and gazillions of connections remained anxious and refused to explore their cages. Cognitive neurosci modeling and how it has ben used by cognitive neurosci ence is no exception. It is a feld that emerged in part entists, and we review a powerful analytical and modeling because of the invention of new methods, some of which toolbrain graph theory, which transforms neuroimag use advanced tools unavailable to scientists of previous ing data into models that elucidate the netork proper generations (se Chapter 1; Sejnowski & Churchland, ties of the human brain. In this chapter, we discuss how these methods cognitive neuroscience has depended on the clever ways work, what information can be derived fom them, and in which scientists have integrated paradigms across all their limitations. The chapter concludes other players in the neurosciences, fom neurologists with examples of this integration. Cognitive neuroscience is distinctive in the study of Behavioral Methods the brain and behavior, because it combines paradigms Cognitive neuroscience has ben informed by the prin developed in cognitive psychology with methods em ciples of cognitive psychology, the study of mental ployed to study brain structure and function. They also sek to identif the internal processing Representations and the acquisition, storage, and use of informationthat underlies this performance. A basic assumption of cogni Transformations tive psychology is that we do not directly perceive and Two key concepts underlie the cognitive approach: act in the world. Rather, our perceptions, thoughts, and actions depend on internal transformations or 1. Tese mental representations undergo nize it as something that we have experienced before and transformations. Cognitive psychologists design Mental Representations We usually take for granted experiments to test hypotheses about mental operations the idea that information processing depends on internal by adjusting what goes into the brain and then seing representations. Put more simply, information is input thinking of an image, a word description, or a math into the brain, something secret happens to it, and out ematical formula Cognitive psychologists are detectives of representing the circular or spherical concept trying to fgure out what those secrets are. The context would help dictate which representa ti edostn rtaem ni awth rreod eht tlteser ni a rwdo tional format would be most useful. For example, if we rea, eht ylon pirmtoatn gihtn si ath het rifs nda satl wanted to show that the ball rolls down a hill, a pictorial telre eb tat het ghitr clepa. Now take another shot at it: Posner (1986) at the Universit of Oregon, provides a powerful demonstration that even with simple stimuli, Aoccdrnig to a rsehearcr at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, the mind derives multiple representations (Figure 3. The rset can be a total both vowels, both consonants, or one vowel and one con mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. The participant presses one buton if the leters is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter are fom the same category, and the other buton if they by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. It is sur One version of this experiment includes fve condi prisingly easy to read the second passage, even though tions. In the physical-identit condition, the to leters are only a few words are correctly spelled. In the phonetic-identit condition, the and last leters of each word are in the correct position, to leters have the same identit, but one leter is a capi we can accurately infer the correct spelling, especially tal and the other is lowercase. Tere are to tpes of same when the surrounding context helps generate expecta category conditions, conditions in which the to leters tions for each word. In one, both help us discern the content of mental representations, leters are vowels; in the other, both leters are consonants. The dependent variable is the event be manipulating one variable and observing its effect on ing studied. It is what you (the researcher) the independent variable is displayed on the horizontal axis have changed. Finally, in the diferent-category condition, the to leters The results of Posners experiment suggest that we are fom diferent categories and can be either of the same derive multiple representations of stimuli. Note that the frst four con tation is based on the physical aspects of the stimulus. In ditionsphysical identit, phonetic identit, and the to this experiment, it is a visually derived representation of same-category conditionsrequire the same response: the shape presented on the scren. A second representa On all thre tpes of trials, the correct response is that the tion corresponds to the leters identit. For example, we can recognize that Participants respond fastest to the physical-identit condi A, a, and a all represent the same leter. A third level of tion, next fastest to the phonetic-identit condition, and abstraction represents the category to which a leter be slowest to the same-category condition, especially when longs. At this level, the leters A and E activate our internal the to leters are both consonants. The defnition of same and different is manipulated across different blocks of the experiment. This relationship is the independent variable, the variable that the experimenter is manipulating. Did you register that last sentence, or did all By this logic, we infer that physical representations are the talk about garlic cause your atention to wander as activated frst, phonetic representations next, and cat you made plans for dinner As you may have experienced personally, experi ments like these elicit as many questions as answers. Characterizing Transformational Operations Sup Why do participants take longer to judge that to leters pose you arrive at the grocery store and discover that you are consonants than they do to judge that to leters are forgot to bring your shopping list. Would the same advantage for identical stimuli you ned cofe and milk, the main reason you came; but exist if the leters were spoken As you cruise the aisles, scanning the shelves, ter were visual and the other were auditory Is the pea psychologists address questions like these and then devise nut buter gone As we have just learned, the fun In the leter-matching task, the primary dependent damental goal of cognitive psychology is to identif the variable was reaction (or response) time, the sped with diferent mental operations or transformations that are which participants make their judgments. Chrono Saul Sternberg (1975) introduced an experimental metric comes fom the Grek words chronos (time) and task that bears some similarit to the problem faced by metron (measure). In Sternbergs task, however, is essential for cognitive psychologists because mental the job is not recalling items stored in memory, but rather events occur rapidly and efciently. If we consider only comparing sensory information with representations that whether a person is correct or incorrect on a task, we are active in memory. Ten a single leter is presented, and the participant must decide if this leter was part of the memorized set. The Internal Transformations The second critical no participant presses one buton to indicate that the target tion of cognitive psychology is that our mental repre was part of the memory set (yes response) and a sec sentations undergo transformations. For instance, the ond buton to indicate that the target was not part of the transformation of mental representations is obvious set (no response). Once again, the primary dependent when we consider how sensory signals are connected variable is reaction time. For example, a whif Sternberg postulated that, to respond on this task, the of garlic may transport you to your grandmothers house participant must engage in four primary mental operations: or to a back alley in Palermo, Italy.

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In logic womens health 9 diet discount femara 2.5mg mastercard, the idea that if the second part of have better than average educational attain a conditional statement is false women's health center edmonton cheapest generic femara uk, then the frst ment and socioeconomic achievement in the part is also false pregnancy gender quiz buy femara 2.5 mg line. The qualities often attributed to breast cancer jordans 2014 effective femara 2.5mg a then Y is true and if Y is not true, then we 312 monaural monogamy know that X is not true. And so if the state tissues which metabolizes or breaks down ment Burning things are hot is true and we monoamines such as the neurotransmitters know that a thing is not hot, we also know that dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Of or monoamine oxidase inhibitor relating to sound that is recorded on a single n. Any of several drugs used as antidepres track and so the sound is the same no matter sants whose mechanism of action is to inhibit how many speakers it is played back from or monoamine oxidase, which is a hormone how they are located. This usually results in present in the mitochondrial membranes of a perception of the sound different from its almost all human tissues which metabolizes original form as the cues we normally gain or breaks down monoamines such as the neu from interaural differences are absent in the rotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, recorded sound. A form of color blindness in which the ret tion characterized by mild to severe mental ina contains only one type of cone and the retardation, pleasant dispositions, a fat face, person is unable to distinguish different col stubby fngers and toes, epicanthic folds in ors and so sees everything in shades of the the eyes among non-Asians, tongue fssures, same color. A form of color blindness in which the ret some 21 or in rare cases by an extra copy of ina contains only one kind of cone and so the chromosome 22 and is associated with an person is unable to distinguish different colors early onset of Alzheimers disease. Of or relating to a single eye, as in monoc reality consists of only a single substance. In ular vision, which lacks some of the depth and idealistic monism, mind is the only reality; distance cues present in normal vision. Any of several stimulus characteristics thought, has supposed that mind and body which are used to make inferences about dis are two separate kinds of reality. Any chemical compound that contains spective, accommodation, atmospheric per only one amine group, which is a nitro spective, and shading changes. Psychologically important monoamines monogamy include the neurotransmitters dopamine, n. In the past this has been confused monoamine oxidase with pair bonding, in which couples of vari n. Marriage to only one spouse In linguistics, a category of verb form used to at a time. Thus a verb can indicate a command monotonic (imperative mood), a statement (indicative adj. Changing in only one direction as a vari mood), a question (interrogative mood), or able that only increases or only decreases but a conditional statement (subjunctive mood). Of or relat ing to a single fert ilized embr yo, other occurrence fts in with a mood, espe as in monozygotic twins, who are genetically cially in psychopathology. Thus weeping identical and are created when an embryo would be mood congruent with depression divides into halves which separate and each of but not with mania. An episodic memory which is recalled only Monte Carlo method when a person is in the same mood as when n. Any disorder whose chief characteristic is example, the tossing of a coin 10 times could a prolonged emotional state which is inde be simulated by generating a random series of pendent of immediate events. This includes 1s and 0s in groups of 10 many times and then depressive disorders and bipolar disorders. An approach to early childhood and ele used mood stabilizer for bipolar disorders but mentary education which assumes the child is dangerous to use as its therapeutic dose is has an active will to learn and will learn in close to its lethal dose, and so close monitor his or her own individual way and at his/ ing is necessary. Anxiolytics with responsibility and practical limits are are m ost com m only used as depressive emphasized, and older children are urged mood stabilizers. Also called antimanics or to attempt cooperative projects as ways of antidepressives. An affective state that persists from sev mood, as in mood-dependent memories or eral minutes to several weeks which directs and behavior. The apparent difference in the size of the conform to the expectations of the larger moon when it is near the horizon as opposed social group are seen as right by the person in to when it is directly overhead. Acts are considered bad at moral development stage 4 if they can lead to disorder and a break n. Stage 5 puts code of values and ethical principles that the individual at the level of postconventional guide decisions about right and wrong social morality, where rules and laws must become behavior. Moral codes moral development; the earlier model is are no longer seen as absolute for the person advanced by classical psychoanalytic theory in stage 5; some rules will be agreed upon less and the later model is a product of cognitive by members of different cultures while other developmental theory. The psychoanalytic theory of moral devel Finally, in stage 6, there is a full recognition opment is part of the larger psychosexual the of basic and universal ethical principles that ory of personality development proposed by precede all formal laws and social contracts. Psychosexual development An individual equipped with these principles posits that during the phallic stage between will be capable of sound moral judgments in ages 3 and 6, children are preoccupied with all situations regardless of whether a specifc securing the affections of the opposite-sex law or rule readily applies. This Oedipal confict in boys and Electra method for assessing an individuals level of confict in girls is ultimately resolved by redi moral development is to present vignettes that recting their attention toward the same-sex pose moral dilemmas. The solutions offered parent and learning to become more like that by the respondent and his or her justifcations parent. This process of identifcation is held to for those solutions yield insight into the level be the basis for building the moral code of the of moral reasoning. It has been claimed that child, and thus, the same-sex parent becomes Kohlbergs theory misses culture-specifc the most critical infuence in establishing moral principles. A situation which appears to force an indi general cognitive-developmental theories of v idual to choose bet ween t wo or more strongly Jean Piaget. A code or system of right conduct against ordinate stages, resulting in six age-indepen which real behaviors are judged. In stage 1, good and bad acts are determined exclusively by their moral obligation physical consequences: good behavior allows n. A duty arising out of beliefs of right and the person to avoid punishment from authori wrong, which vary considerably from culture ties. In Piagetian theory, the second stage of individual into the level of conventional moral moral development, characteristic of chil ity, where maintenance of the social order is dren from about 5 to 10 years of age, in which 315 Morgans canon morphology they believe judgments are inherent in acts Moro re ex and that punishments will prevent the indi n. The smallest part of a word that carries leads to anthropomorphizing, or perceiving meaning or performs a grammatical func animals from a human-centered perspective. Lloyd Morgans textbook into two overarching types: free morphemes Comparative Psychology (1894), in which he can appear alone; bound morphemes must wrote, In no case may we interpret an action be bound to another morpheme. Within the as the outcome of the exercise of higher psy class of bound morphemes, derivational mor chical faculty, if it can be interpreted as the phemes perform lexical operations, while exercise of one which stands lower in the psy infectional morphemes have grammatical chological scale. Infectional which focuses on mindfulness and mov morphemes, responsible for marking gram ing from a focus on controlling emotion or matical relations among words, are a very symptoms to focusing on purposive action. In the next 4 to 7 days he or she a language with slightly more complex is allowed up part of the time and allowed to infectional morphology, marks gender and perform light work in isolation while remain number on nouns and adjectives and num ing mindful of what he/she is doing in each ber, person, tense, and verb class on verbs. The primary drug in opium, which is a very a period of 1 or 2 months in which he/she powerful painkiller and sedative as well as engages in more complex solitary work and being highly addictive. Morphology is a component of the gram 4 weeks is occupied with commuting from the mar of a language by which morphemes are hospital to work and trying to integrate mind combined to create words. As such, the mor fulness and a focus on useful action into daily phology of a language dictates the internal life while simply accepting anxiety and other structure of words and how such structure is emotions that arise in the course of living. There are morphological rules that relate a moron word to alternate forms of that word by affx n. For example, the verb walk to react favorably to those who support ones is related to the noun walker by a derivational worldview and unfavorably to those who vio rule, and to the noun Walkman by a com late or criticize ones worldview. Jeff Greenberg, Tom mortality salience using a variety of meth Pyszczynski, and Sheldon Solomon frst used ods. Mortality salience has been induced by the term in 1986 to refer to a state induced to exposure to fear-of-death questionnaires, gory assess hypotheses derived from terror man accident footage, a request to write one sen agement theory. The theory proposes that tence about death, a word search task with the fear of death motivates people to main death-related words embedded in it, and tain faith in a culturally derived conception physical proximity to funeral homes and of reality, or cultural worldview, that imbues cemeteries. These mortality salient condi life with meaning and provides the possibil tions have been compared to a wide range of ity that they will live on in some way beyond control conditions in terms of their effects their own death. Greenberg and colleagues on a diverse variety of dependent variables proposed that, if the theory is correct, then indicative of increased terror management. In the vast majority of mortality to induce mortality salience is to ask partici salience studies, the fndings have supported pants to respond in writing to a questionnaire the specifc role of thoughts of mortality. Once these thoughts have been removed asked to read hypothetical case materials and from consciousness, they tend to remain recommend a bond for an alleged prostitute. The distal defenses aroused by the mortality salience questionnaire or not mortality salience, which bolster the partici prior to recommending a bond.

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Memory strategies Neuroanatomical correlates of selected executive with brain damage women's health nurse practitioner salary by state discount 2.5 mg femara with mastercard. Frontal lobe degeneration of non Orbitofrontal cortex mediates inhibition of return menstruation for 10 days purchase femara overnight delivery. Mental symptoms associated with comparison of maze performance in routine and brain tumours menstrual 10 buy femara toronto. Childrens avoidance of frontal cortical hypothesis Brain and Cognition 1 1 women's health clinic riverside hospital order femara online pills, environmental, simple task internal, and complex 275 293. Frontotemporal dementia: one on the temporal organization of conscious aware disease, or many Contributions of the prefron liability in feeling-of-doing judgements about tal cortex to the neural basis of human decision temporal ordering performance: impaired self making. Neuropsychologia 3 3, verbal utterances in patients with focal lesions of 139 151. Biological Foundations of of mental planning: a characteristic disorder with Language. Anxiety-produced tionships to injury severity, atrophy, lesion loca interference in serial rote learning with observa tion, and cognitive and psychosocial outcome. Decision comparison between frontal and nonfrontal right making processes following damage to the pre and left-hemisphere brain damaged patients. Neuropsychological Assessment 3 r d tal lesion on the developing brain Brain Cogn. Aphasia after infarction of the left and utilization behavior: a neuropsychological supplementary motor area. Direct and tion in childhood hyperkinesis Comprehensive indirect tests of memory for category examplars Psychiatry 21, 358 369. Implicit and explicit executive attention network lesions and the devel memory in young and older adults. Selective Partial Ablation of the areas related to visual working memory in the pre Frontal Cortex. Posterior cuts in tex to working memory: evidence from brain prefrontal leucotomy: a clinico-pathological study. Verbal uency as a function of a neuroanatomy of working memory: contributions of measure of verbal intelligence and in relation to human brain lesion studies. Neuropsychological aspects of fron tion allocation, understanding of attention, and totemporal degeneration. A modi ed card sorting test sen localization of psychological processes in man Br. Some cognitive effects of frontal of the anterior cingulate gyri: report of case. Alteration of percep verbal memory in language areas of human cortex: tion and memory in man: re ections on methods. Delayed-response tasks: parallels between Frontal lobes and the temporal organization of experimental ablation studies and ndings in memory. Trehub reassessed: comparison of patients with lateral or (eds), Aging and Cognitive Processes. The primate frontal cortex in the relation between memory tasks and frontal executive of the brain. The comportmental learning dis function, and memory for temporal and spatial abilities of early frontal lobe damage. Boller (eds), patients with frontal-lobe lesions invading or spar Structure and Functions of the Human Prefrontal ing area 46. Brocas area and the origins and reduced autonomic activity in antisocial per of human vocal skill. De cits on conditional associa increase post-target interference in rapid stimulus tive-learning tasks after frontal and temporal-lobe streams Neuropsychologia 34, 509 514. Target ject-ordered tasks after frontal and temporal-lobe detection de cits in frontal lobectomy. Cortical control of memory-guided depressive disorders: a follow-up study of 103 saccades in man. Mood disorders in stroke of memory-guided saccades in humans with patients: importance of location of lesion. Memory for the temporal order of events tion of attention, arousal, and learning dysfunc in patients with frontal lobe lesions and amnesic tions of hyperkinetic children. Correlates of impaired orientation in per vivo: maturation in perisylvian cortices. The role cognitive and affective empathy in patients with of the frontal lobes in affective disorder following brain lesions: anatomical and cognitive correlates. London: Experimental neuropsychological studies of frontal Oxford University Press. Multiple memory systems and con strategies of patients with unilateral or bilateral sciousness. Neuropsychologia 3 3, rodent prefrontal cortex can teach us about atten 341 352. Response of early developmental events on prefrontal func preparation and response inhibition after lesions of tion. White matter hyperinten frontal leucotomy as re ected by the Minnesota sity progression and late-life depression outcomes. The frontal lobes and their func cognitive de cits resulting from medial and dorso tions: further observations on rodents, carnivores, lateral frontal lobe lesions. A comparison structures in aphasia: studies in syntax and seman of cognitive function in community-dwelling and tics. Working Memory the Memorandum the Delay: Persistent Neuronal Activity the Choice the Reward C. Any attempt to do so usually (1882) for motor cortex: the very same corti comes into con ict with the associative, cal area that represents an action is respon indeed integrative, nature of this cortex sible for its coordination. Thus the behavior of a cortex, however, the action takes the form cell is inextricable from its role in the cell 221 222 6. The most complex behaviors, especially For the neurophysiologists of the nine if they are novel, temporally extended, and teenth century, the frontal association cortex dependent on the resolution of ambigui was, by de nition, electrically unexcitable. Fritsch and Hitzig (1870), using the tech Many uncertainties remain concerning nique of electrical stimulation, led to the the physiological functions of the prefron mapping of the motor elds of the frontal tal cortex, but it is unquestionably through cortex and, by exclusion, to the demarca neuroelectrical research that we have come tion of the vast silent region anterior to to understand some of the basic functions them a region that already some psycholo by which it contributes to complex behav gists at the time presumed to be involved in ior. It was and to some extent stimulation studies, soon recognized, however, that the border have shown the importance of certain pre between electrically excitable cortex and frontal areas in the neural processes that unexcitable cortex could not be sharply support certain sensory, motor, and visceral drawn, in part because of some unexplained functions. Much beyond that, however, variability of stimulation effects a so-called those studies have put us on the path to instability of motor points (Grunbaum understanding the fundamentally integra and Sherrington, 1903; Pen eld and Welch, tive functions of the prefrontal cortex as a 1949) and in part because of dif culties whole, and its role in the organization of inherent in the use of electrical stimulation goal-directed sequences of behavior. For example, it is that respect, single-unit studies have con dif cult to determine the parameters that tributed in no small measure to the under should be given to the arti cial stimulus for standing of the role of prefrontal executive eliciting physiologically meaningful effects. Motor reactions can be elicited electrophysiology especially behavioral by stimulating practically any cortical area, electrophysiology has been critical to including prefrontal areas (Lilly, 1958). Before dealing with those the connections of the prefrontal cortex were issues, however, this chapter will discuss electrically demonstrated by combined use the involvement of certain prefrontal areas of stimulation and recording. In the same in the collection of sensory inputs, the gen decade, chemical neuronography came eration of motor outputs, and their vis into use. Introduced by Dusser de Barenne, ceral and emotional functions, all of which the procedure was at one time extensively undoubtedly serve the eminently integra utilized for tracing cortical connections tive executive functions of the frontal lobe. Here, In the early 1960s, a number of inves it should suf ce to point out that strychnine tigations provided electrophysiological neuronography provided evidence of some evidence for a role of the prefrontal cortex of the most important connective links of in the integration of inputs from various the prefrontal cortex before silver-stain and sectors of the sensorium. Some of that evi axon transport methods de ned them with dence was based on the analysis of sensory greater accuracy. Grey Walter (1964a) rocal connections between prefrontal and showed that electrical responses elicited by other cortical regions that the newer meth visual, auditory, and somatic stimuli can be ods have revealed in detail were previously recorded from humans over large and over outlined on the monkeys brain by neu lapping frontal areas. Prefrontal efferents to the tha cal surface and provided clues about the lamus (Bailey et al. Monkey studies (Bignall the evoked-potential method also con and Singer, 1967; Bignall and Imbert, 1969) tributed to con rmation of the anatomi showed that stimuli of three modalities cal connections of the prefrontal cortex elicited evoked responses in frontal areas, with other cortical regions (Bignall, 1969; with considerable overlap in the prefron Bignall and Imbert, 1969; Desiraju, 1975, tal region.

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