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By: John Theodore Geneczko, MD

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Administration of amphotericin B can be Treatment is usually amphotericin B plus fucytosine for associated with shaking chills or rigors during infusion medicine 8 soundcloud purchase thyroxine american express. Monitor patients for Prophylaxis is recommended only for frequent and increased intracranial pressure medications requiring prior authorization purchase 50mcg thyroxine with mastercard, particularly in the frst 2 severe recurrences of candidiasis symptoms vaginitis purchase online thyroxine. Control and Prevention recommends daily fuconazole for prophylaxis of frequent and severe recurrences of After initial treatment symptoms bacterial vaginosis buy thyroxine no prescription, secondary prophylaxis with candidiasis. However, daily fuconazole treatment can lead fuconazole is recommended for both adults and children. The doses are the same as the maximum doses listed for An alternative is to use daily nystatin for prophylaxis, candidiasis (Table 6). The prophylaxis dose of fuconazole is the same as the treatment dose, according Adults, adolescents, and children older than 6 years to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recom appear to be at low risk for recurrence of cryptococcosis mendations: for adults, 100-200 mg by mouth once a day; if they have completed primary treatment, remained for children, 3-6 mg/kg by mouth once daily. One can use culture, antigen testing, or fungal stain of the tissues to make the diagnosis. Depending on the site of infection, patients may present with anemia, leukopenia, elevated hepatic enzymes, or an elevated serum lactate dehydrogenase level. Itraconazole can interact with many diferent medications, including rifampin, so it must be monitored. Efect of nitazoxanide on morbidity and mortality in Zambian children with cryptosporidiosis: a randomized controlled trial. Nitazoxanide treatment Mother and child at the Baylor-Abbott Clinical Center of Excellence in for giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis in children. Brahmbatt H, Kigozi G, Wabwire-Mangen F, et infected patients develop disseminated histoplasmosis. The likelihood of symptom development is age Key Points dependent, being greatest in infants and the elderly 1. Chest radiographs often show lower and/or expectorated sputum, induced sputum or early middle-lobe infltrates, sometimes miliary and typically morning gastric aspirates should be done whenever without cavitation. A review of the natural history of pulmonary tuberculosis in childhood indicates that 50%-75% of children develop Epidemiology of Tuberculosis radiographically visible hilar adenopathy after primary infection with M. Source cases that are sputum smear negative but culture positive are also infectious, albeit to a lesser degree. In children who are unable to expectorate sputum, an attempt should be made to obtain 3 specimens of induced sputum, or early morning gastric Figure 3. Gastric aspirate specimens of the Mantoux test in patients who have received should be cultured for M. In general, the Mantoux test should be interpreted irrespective of whether the patient has Because M. Chest radiograph showing miliary tuberculosis with typical snowstorm? appearance. Biopsy or fne needle aspirate will reveal necrotizing and nonnecrotizing granulomas. Treatment choices Although ethambutol was frequently omitted from generally are dictated by relevant national protocols. Assessment should include (but not be limited immune reactivation or reconstitution after initiation of to) assessment of symptoms and signs, medication antiretroviral therapy may occur in 7%-36% of patients. In adherence, drug toxicity and other adverse events, and addition, very few studies have examined the optimal timing weight gain. Clinical assessment alone Also, resources must be available to is sufcient to decide whether the contact is well or 1. Some children with persistent localized 160 Tuberculosis abscesses may require surgical drainage. The Hague, Tuberculosis other immunodefciencies is more complicated and may be Coalition for Technical Assistance, 2006. Yield of bronchoscopy for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in patients with human References immunodefciency virus infection. Prevention/Infectious Diseases Society of America: Guidelines for national programs, 3rd ed. Accelerated course of sputum induction with fberoptic bronchoscopy in the human immunodefciency virus infection after tuberculosis. Guidance for national tuberculosis programs on the tuberculosis in infants and young children: a prospective study. Brown M, Varia H, Basset P, et al; Prospective study of sputum infected adults and adolescents. Describe the types of malignancies commonly a rare form of cancer, among homosexual men in New found in children and adolescents with human York and California. However, meta-analysis of these various regimens revealed cyclophosphamide and methotrexate to be Figure 1. Imaging can be helpful in distin patients, in particular among transplant patients guishing between the two diagnoses. When a defnitive diagnosis cannot be made and toxoplasmosis is under serious consideration as the etiology of disease, a trial of therapy for toxoplasmosis can help determine the true diagnosis. Its lesions are often found on the the mouth with alitretinoin gel, intralesional vinblastine, tip of the nose; on the trunk, arms, or neck; or in the liquid nitrogen, laser ablation, or radiotherapy. When necessary, performing a includes doxorubicin, vincristine, and bleomycin and punch biopsy will help in making the correct diagnosis. A has also been associated with hand-foot syndrome physical exam may reveal lymphadenopathy (enlarged (painful erythema and desquamation of the palms and lymph nodes), which may be frm and nontender. The goal of treatment should be the this fnding has not been clearly demonstrated in the palliation of symptoms. However, experimental therapy pediatric population, and studies need to be carried out with angiogenesis inhibitors is being explored and is to unequivocally confrm such in this population. Ifosfamide and etoposide can be used infection, and the incidence is estimated to be only two as another alternating regimen. Leiomyosarcoma most commonly cervical dysplasia and cervical carcinoma in situ to the list presents within the gastrointestinal tract. The course of the disease that has been implicated in the development of cervical varies, with slow-growing tumors often not requiring cancer. Several studies causing wheezing or secondary to persistent respiratory comparing women with cervical dysplasia found that infections. The Papanicolaou (Pap) smear is an important screening tool for early detection Treatment. Because smooth-muscle tumors are not of cervical cancer in all sexually active women. Most particularly responsive to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, preventive health guidelines recommend that all sexually surgery is the treatment of choice. Please refer to the module covering study in Nigeria demonstrated that 86% of 36 cases of immunizations for more information. Colposcopy here should women who practice anoreceptive intercourse, as a means be used to examine the vagina and vulva in addition to to maintain virginity, for example, are also considered to the cervix, given the increased risk of other genital tract be at high risk. Supportive care for children receiving chemotherapy Symptom Defnition Management Care Guidelines Neutropenia Absolute neutrophil. Most patients headache), fatigue and malaise, anorexia (loss of will have clinical regression. Avoid using zidovudine along with myelosuppressive Postchemotherapy and Radiation (bone marrow toxic) chemotherapy, if possible, because Therapy Care and Considerations the combination may heighten the potential for anemia, Supportive care for patients receiving chemotherapy neutropenia, and thrombocytopenia. Late efects thrombocytopenic precautions when the patient has a in long-term survivors might include neurocognitive decreased platelet count; and blood transfusion therapy defcits, neuroendocrine disturbances, gonadal dysfunc and epoetin therapy for symptomatic anemia (Table 2). Radia tion to the brain or intrathecal chemotherapy places General side efects of radiation therapy include radiation long-term survivors of childhood cancer at risk of dermatitis (skin infammation) and myelosuppression cognitive defcits and developmental delay. Site-specifc side for therapy-induced neurocognitive damage include early Table 3. Symptom management for children receiving radiation therapy Symptoms Management Care Guidelines N/V See Table 2 Mucositis See Table 2 Skin toxicity. Risk factors as likely among childhood cancer survivors as in the for pediatric human immunodefciency virus-related malignancy.


  • Changes in the vagina (prolapsed vagina)
  • Abnormal retina (back of the eye)
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  • If you have ever had any bleeding problems
  • Disorders of the adrenal gland (such as pheochromocytoma or Cushing syndrome)
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Abdominal pain
  • Cold or respiratory illness that has been getting better and then begins to get worse
  • A man-made part made of plastic and metal is placed into the knee.
  • Time it was swallowed

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After surgery medicine jar paul mccartney purchase generic thyroxine from india, give radiotherapy to symptoms 0f pregnancy thyroxine 50mcg low price nonneoplastic causes (rheumatoid arthritis medicine klimt purchase generic thyroxine online, aortic aneu avoid recurrences treatment keloid scars thyroxine 75 mcg cheap. Initial response to combined sur rysm, spondylosis, herniated disc, spinal tuberculosis, gery and radiation is 20%?100%, depending on tumor osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis). The best prognostic in workup if there is pain with tenderness to percussion dex for eventual recovery of function is pretreatment over the affected vertebral body, bilateral muscle weak status: 60% of patients who are ambulatory at diagno ness in the extremities, sensory changes, loss of deep sis remain so postoperatively, whereas only 7% of tendon re? Direct decompressive surgical lesion and ascertains whether there is more than one resection in the treatment of spinal cord compression caused by metastatic cancer: a randomised trial. If a complete block is found on lumbar myelog 643?638; comment Lancet 2005;366(9486): 609?610. Variables to consider in ing to areas where rabies is relatively common but the clude countries to be visited, whether travel will be immune globulin and vaccine would not be immedi rural or urban, planned activities, and duration of visit. Japanese encephalitis vac visit their country of origin after living in the United cine may be indicated in some cases for travelers to States are also at risk for endemic infections, some Southeast Asia. The cholera vaccine is currently not times more so because they may not feel the need to recommended. Infections are acquired through exposure to contami deavor, including remaining in screened areas when nated food and water, exposure to vectors, such as ticks possible and using a mosquito net at night, minimizing and mosquitoes, and person-to-person transmission. They should consume only bottled beverages has the advantage of requiring a weekly (rather than and use bottled water for ice cubes and for brushing daily) dose but has the not uncommon downside of teeth, etc. As a result of the emer potential source of infections, such as schistosomiasis and gence of chloroquine resistance, chloroquine prophy leptospirosis. Patients should be cines because these infections have been acquired over given at least a 3-day supply of antibiotics to take with seas. All overseas travelers should be encouraged to be them and instructed to take them in case of moderate vaccinated against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, and to severe diarrhea with fever or pus, mucus, or blood typhoid. If treatment is initiated promptly, even a and tropical South America, and many countries in single dose may reduce the duration of the illness to a these regions require proof of vaccination for entry. Pepto-Bismol taken every 30 minutes for meningitis vaccine is recommended for those traveling eight doses has also been shown to decrease stool fre to areas in the meningitis belt across central Africa, and quency and shorten illness duration. If a patient returns with diarrhea, stool should history) through thick and thin blood smears. If ma be sent for culture (Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shi laria parasites are seen on smear but no speciation is gella, Campylobacter) and ova and parasite (O&P) possible, treatment should be targeted to Plasmodium three times. Respiratory symptoms may result from falciparum, which is the most virulent species, and viral infections and should be evaluated in much the should be assumed to be drug resistant. Blood cultures for should be more seriously considered in those having typhoid should be obtained (regardless of vaccination been abroad for months or years and an acid-fast bacil status). A partial list of illnesses that can be seen in returning with compatible symptoms and returning from af travelers is provided in the algorithm; when in doubt, fected areas should be reported to local health depart patients should be referred to a specialized travel clinic ments immediately. Once investigation is under way for malaria and the useful websites listed in the references. N Engl rhagic fever, manifesting with plasma leakage, plate J Med 2002;347: 505?516. In normal adult hosts "60 years, the most common mended to rule out a mass lesion for patients with focal organisms are Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria neurologic de? These include Cryptococcus neoformans, 30 minutes) in any patient with suspected bacterial Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus species, meningitis. Closed head trauma and basilar skull fractures are temporal lobe abnormalities should be treated empiri linked to infections with S. Intraventricular shunt devices are at high risk of causing the subarachnoid space. The most common organism is Staphylococ administered after antibiotics have already been given. Antibiotics should be administered empirically and diphtheroids, and Propionibacterium acnes are also fre without delay. Blood cultures treated bacterial or fungal meningitis remains a possi will also be positive in 50%?75% of patients with bacte bility. If no bacteria are seen on Gram stain, other organisms elucidate common viral entities that cause meningitis. Empiric antimicrobials should be contin before lumbar puncture in adults with suspected meningitis. N Engl J ued and viral studies, such as enterovirus polymerase Med 2001;345(24): 1727?1733. Lymphoma, toxoplasmosis, cysticer signs suggestive of meningeal irritation that have cosis, sarcoidosis, and other lesions can have character been present for at least 4 weeks. An eosinophilic broad (Table 1) and includes infections, malignancies, pleocytosis is seen with cysticercosis after cyst rupture, in? Head imaging is essential to evaluate for structural tous meningitis; sarcoidosis; connective tissue disor lesions that can cause chronic head pain and menin ders; and infections such as neuroborreliosis, syphilis, geal irritation, such as brain abscesses, tumors, hydro tuberculosis, and Cryptococcus. Chronic meningitis is more common among patients who fungal disease, and malignancy. These can be residence in the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys or particularly helpful in diagnosing elusive malignancy, Caribbean suggests evaluation for histoplasmosis, and tuberculosis, and vasculitic disease. The yield of biopsy residence in the southeastern United States can be a is greatest if directed to meningeal or parenchymal clue to blastomycosis. Empiric therapy is usually begun with antitu endemic areas warrant testing for neuroborreliosis. These should be continued for at On examination, cranial neuropathies are suggestive least 2 weeks before assessing their impact. If antituber of basilar meningitis associated with tuberculosis, neu culous therapy is not helpful and ongoing investigations roborreliosis, carcinomatous meningitis, or sarcoidosis. Tuberculosis, Lyme disease, sarcoid, carcinoma Rash, arthritis, mucosal ulceration, uveitis? If there is clinical suspicion for meningitis, a lumbar and Western and California encephalitides. At a minimum, glucose, protein, raise the index of suspicion for lymphocytic chorio cell count, Gram stain, and bacterial cultures should be meningitis virus and leptospirosis. A travel history may reveal risk factors for tuberculosis, J Neurol 2003;250(6): 653?660. Special culture media are required diagnosis of viral central nervous system infections with a panel of polymerase chain reaction assays for detection of 11 viruses. Drug-induced aseptic meningitis: carry Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, or Rocky Mountain diagnosis and management. Louis, Eastern Equine, Philadelphia: Elsevier, Churchill, Livingstone; 2005: 1083?1126. Encephalitis, or me logic abnormalities, papilledema, severely depressed ningoencephalitis, is most commonly caused by viral infec levels of arousal, or seizures or if the patient is immu tion but also may be secondary to other infectious agents, nosuppressed. The differential edema and risk of herniation potentially requiring cor diagnosis includes isolated meningitis, toxic-metabolic en ticosteroids and neurosurgical consultation. Evaluate for decompensated renal or liver failure, drug indicated for arboviruses (West Nile, Eastern and West intoxication, or systemic infection. Louis encephalitides), enterovi ings may provide an alternative diagnosis, they do not ruses, or other pathogens (Table 1). These tests include Table 1 Infectious Causes of Encephalitis Pathogen* Testing Clinical History Lack of Childhood Vaccines Measles, mumps, polio Measles, mumps serology Travel: Any tropics: Dengue [malaria] Thick and thin blood smear to rule out malaria, dengue 1. For philic pleocytosis and early bacterial meningitis may most other causes of viral encephalitis, treatment is show a lymphocytic predominance. Leptomeningeal enhance vasculitis, or connective tissue disorder, evaluate for ment is a nonspeci? If no diagnosis is made after initial lumbar puncture Pract Neurol 2007;7: 288?305. Urethral infections can have a devastating impact on the health smear may also reveal intracellular gram-negative of individual patients. Current complaint (genital lesions, pruritus, abdomi epididymitis (swollen, red, and tender scrotum) in nal pain, presence of discharge, odor and color of males "35 years. Other causes of nongonococcal urethritis are Myco dysuria, fever) plasma genitalium, Ureaplasma urealyticum, and 6. Cervicitis may present with discharge, vaginal pruritus, abdomen, external genitalia, speculum examination, dyspareunia, and burning. Questions regarding sexual history should be framed in On speculum examination mucopurulent discharge may an open-ended, nonjudgmental fashion. Up to catch urine specimens is a noninvasive means of diag 30% of men with urethritis are infected with both nosing chlamydial and gonococcal infections.

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Wipe away the frst drop of blood treatment 2 prostate cancer effective thyroxine 50 mcg, and then collect the sample using a capillary tube or container 57 58 Part I Pediatric Acute Care d aquapel glass treatment buy discount thyroxine line. Alternate between squeezing blood from the leg toward the heel (or from the hand toward the fnger) and then releasing the pressure for several seconds B 714x treatment for cancer thyroxine 75mcg free shipping. Indications: Blood sampling in patients with inadequate peripheral vascular access or during resuscitation 2 symptoms 8 days before period proven 100mcg thyroxine. Position with towel roll under shoulders or with head over side of bed to extend neck and accentuate the posterior margin of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the side of the venipuncture b. The external jugular vein will distend if its most proximal segment is occluded or if the child cries. With continuous negative suction on the syringe, insert the needle at about a 30-degree angle to the skin. Indications: Venous or arterial blood sampling in patients with inadequate vascular access or during resuscitation 2. Contraindications: Femoral puncture is particularly hazardous in neonates and is not recommended in this age group. There is also a risk in children for trauma to the femoral head and joint capsule. Avoid femoral punctures in children who have thrombocytopenia or coagulation disorders and in those who are scheduled for cardiac catheterization 3. Complications: Infection, bleeding, hematoma of femoral triangle, thrombosis of vessel, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis of hip 4. Locate femoral pulse just distal to the inguinal crease (note that vein is medial to pulse). Indications: Arterial blood sampling or frequent blood gases and continuous blood pressure monitoring in an intensive care setting 2. Complications: Infection, bleeding, occlusion of artery by hematoma or thrombosis, ischemia if ulnar circulation is inadequate 3. It is optional to infltrate the area over the point of maximal impulse with lidocaine. Prepare the site in sterile fashion (1) Puncture: Insert butterfy needle attached to a syringe at a 30 to 60-degree angle over the point of maximal impulse. Prepare the wrist with sterile technique and infltrate over the point of maximal impulse with 1% lidocaine. Make a small skin puncture over the point of maximal impulse with a needle, then discard the needle. Infuse heparinized isotonic Chapter 3 Procedures 61 fuid (per protocol) at 1 mL/hr. Indications: Arterial blood sampling when radial artery puncture is unsuccessful or inaccessible 2. Posterior tibial artery: Puncture the artery posterior to the medial malleolus while holding the foot in dorsifexion b. Indications: To obtain access to peripheral venous circulation to deliver fuid, medications, or blood products 2. Complications: Infection, bleeding, arterial or venous perforation, pneumothorax, hemothorax, thrombosis, catheter fragment in circulation, air embolism 3. Femoral vein: Contraindicated with severe abdominal trauma 62 Part I Pediatric Acute Care 4. Secure patient, prepare site, and drape according to the following guidelines for sterile technique6: (1) Wash hands (2) Wear hat, mask, eye shield, sterile gloves, and sterile gown (3) Prep procedure site for 30 seconds (chlorhexidine), allow to dry for an additional 30 seconds (groin: Scrub for 2 minutes and allow to dry for 1 minute) (4) Use sterile technique to drape the site b. Slip a catheter that has been prefushed with sterile saline over the wire into the vein in a twisting motion. Hyperextend the neck to tense the sternocleidomastoid muscle and turn head away from the site of line placement. Palpate the sternal and clavicular heads of the muscle and enter at the apex of the triangle formed. An alternative landmark for puncture is halfway between the sternal notch and tip of the mastoid process. Insert the needle at a 30-degree angle to the skin and aim toward the ipsilateral nipple. Right side is preferable because of straight course to right atrium, absence of thoracic duct, and lower pleural dome on right side. The needle should enter the skin 2 to 3 cm distal to the inguinal ligament at a 30-degree angle to avoid entering the abdomen. Indications: Obtain emergency access in children during life-threatening situations. This is very useful during cardiopulmonary arrest, shock, burns, and life-threatening status epilepticus. Extravasation of fuid from incomplete cortex penetration, infection, bleeding, osteomyelitis, compartment syndrome, fat embolism, fracture, epiphyseal injury 3. Anteromedial surface of the proximal tibia, 2 cm below and 1 to 2 cm medial to the tibial tuberosity on the fat part of the bone (see Fig. The insertion point is in the midline on the medial fat surface of the anterior tibia, 1 to 3 cm (2 fngerbreadths) below the tibial tuberosity. Medial surface of the distal tibia 1 to 2 cm above the medial malleolus (may be a more effective site in older children) d. Anterosuperior iliac spine at an angle of 90 degrees to the long axis of the body 4. If the child is conscious, anesthetize the puncture site down to the periosteum with 1% lidocaine (optional in emergency situations) c. With a boring rotary motion, penetrate through the cortex until there is a decrease in resistance, indicating that you have reached the marrow. Marrow can be sent for determination of glucose levels, chemistries, blood type and cross match, hemoglobin, blood gas analysis, and cultures. Complications: Infection, bleeding, hemorrhage, perforation of vessel; thrombosis with distal embolization; ischemia or infarction of lower extremities, bowel, or kidney; arrhythmia if the catheter is in the heart; air embolus 3. It is contraindicated in the presence of possible necrotizing enterocolitis or intestinal hypoperfusion 4. Arterial line: Low line versus high line (1) Low line: the tip of the catheter should lie just above the aortic bifurcation between L3 and L5. This avoids renal and mesenteric arteries near L1, perhaps decreasing the incidence of thrombosis or ischemia (2) High line: the tip of the catheter should be above the diaphragm between T6 and T9. A high line may be recommended in infants weighing less than 750 g, in whom a low line could easily slip out b. Catheter length: Determine the length of catheter required using either a standardized graph or the regression formula. Add length for the height of the umbilical stump (1) Standardized graph: Determine the shoulder-umbilical length by measuring the perpendicular line dropped from the tip of the shoulder to the level of the umbilicus. Determine the length of the catheter to be inserted for either high (T6 to T9) or low (L3 to L5) position b. Identify the one large, thin-walled umbilical vein and two smaller, thick-walled arteries. Use one tip of open, curved forceps to probe and dilate one artery gently; use both points of closed forceps, and dilate artery by allowing forceps to open gently f. Grasp the catheter 1 cm from its tip with toothless forceps, and insert the catheter into the lumen of the artery. Aim the tip toward the feet, and gently advance the catheter to the desired distance. If resistance is encountered, try loosening umbilical tape, applying steady and gentle pressure, or manipulating the angle of the umbilical cord to skin. Often the catheter cannot be advanced because of creation of a false luminal tract. The catheter may be pulled back, but not advanced once the sterile feld is broken h. Observe for complications: Blanching or cyanosis of lower extremities, perforation, thrombosis, embolism, or infection.

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Skin samples (2 per donor) were 2 mounted on static diffusion cells with an area of 2 cm during a period of 16 hours treatment of strep throat buy thyroxine 100mcg. Sixteen hours after application remaining 14 formulation was removed from the skin surface medications information buy generic thyroxine. Results the quantities of test substance detected are shown in the following table symptoms you need glasses buy thyroxine line. Both the amount measured in epidermis and dermis as well as the amount in the receptor fluid were taken as systemically available symptoms of pregnancy purchase 200 mcg thyroxine mastercard. The area of the application site was wiped with gauze wetted with lukewarm water and dried before application. Medical and physical examination, a standard electrocardiogram as well as laboratory tests were performed before and 24 hours after application. There were no abnormal laboratory test values that were judged to be clinically important abnormalities in this study. Blood samples for haematological and biochemical parameters were taken prior to treatment and in the control and in the highest dose group prior to termination additionally. Bacteriological investigation of 2 animals revealed an infection with Staphylococcus aureus. One female of the 13 mg/kg bw/day group and one male of the 130 mg/kg bw/day group were found dead and one male of the control group was sacrificed in extremis. Ophthalmoscopic investigation revealed changes in the eyes in one control animal, one animal of the lowest dose group, 3 animals of the 130 mg/kg bw/day group and 3 animals of the highest dose group. Plaques in aorta were reported in one control male, 3 males and 1 female in the 13 mg/kg bw/day group, one male and one female in the 130 mg/kg bw/day group and in 4 males of the 1300 mg/kg bw/day group. No conclusions on dose-dependency of statistically significant changes can be obtained therefore. Dose levels were selected following results of a 7-day preliminary tolerance study performed on the same species at 2000 mg/kg bw/day. In the main study the first six males and females of the control and high dose-level groups were kept at the end of the treatment period for a two-week treatment-free period. The test substance preparations were administered as suspensions in the vehicle, 0. White blood cell and lymphocytes counts were also determined on the first six surviving animals of control and high dose-level groups at the end of the treatment-free period. A microscopic examination was performed on designated tissues for animals of control and high dose-level group at the end of the treatment period. Results No death occurred during the study and no relevant clinical signs were observed. Overall body weight gains or final body weights were similar in control and treated groups and food consumption was unaffected by treatment. In the urine neither qualitative nor quantitative changes were observed at the end of the treatment or treatment-free period. Lower absolute and relative spleen weights were observed in females given 1000 mg/kg bw/day. No treatment related macroscopic or microscopic post-mortem findings were noted at the end of the treatment period. Twenty-four hours before the end of the experiment, four 125 5 animals in each group received 0. Experiment 2 Male and female rats were divided into eight and four groups, respectively, each consisting of eight animals, and given 0 (control) or 2. Groups were killed at weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 for males and at weeks 2 and 4 for females. Experiment 3 Male rats were divided into six groups, each consisting of eight animals, and given 0 (control) and 2. In females, however, the effects were far less significant, only 20% 125 suppression of I uptake was noted at week 4. Both, serum T3, and T4 level decreased to minimum levels after 2 weeks of Kojic acid treatment and recovered thereafter, although remaining lower than the control levels in both sexes. Experiment 3 125 125 Organic I formation returned to normal after 6 hours, I uptake per unit thyroid weight rose to 70% of the control level within 24 hours. After the end of treatment period blood samples were taken from 5 animals for hormone analysis and animals were autopsied. The remaining animals were sacrificed for measurement of 125 I uptake and its organification in the thyroid. In addition, thyroid capsular fibrosis was evident in all rats of the 2% Kojic acid group. Rat, oral, gavage Guideline: / Species/strain: F344 rats Group size: 10 males/group Test substance: Kojic Acid in 0. Blood samples for hormone analysis were collected 24 hours after final administration. Blood samples were collected 10, 30 minutes and 1, 3, 6, and 24 hours after administration. Results At 1000 mg/kg bw/day rats showed a decrease in motility, inhibition of body weight gain, and a decrease in food consumption. Groups were excluded from further examination when deaths exceeded the number of animals to be sacrificed. In the 2000 mg/kg bw/day group 11 animals died during the treatment period and in the 1000 mg/kg bw/day group one animals died in week three. Observations reported were strong sedation and tonic or clonic spasms in the groups treated with 500 mg/kg bw/day and above and bleeding from eyes, ablepsy, exophthalmos, hematuria, epistaxis and vomiting in the groups treated with 1000 mg/kg bw/day and above. Significant decreases of body weight gain occurred in the groups, which received 500 mg/kg bw/day and above, which persisted during the recovery period. No statistically significant differences in haematological parameters were reported. Urinalysis revealed protein and occult blood in urine in some of the treated animals but no dose-dependency was observed. Changes in relative organ weights occurred in lungs, liver, kidney and testes (500 mg/kg bw/day and above), spleen (1000 mg/kg bw/day) and adrenal gland (2000 mg/kg bw/day). In the 250 mg/kg bw/day group one animal showed congestion, perivascular cell infiltration and granulation in the kidney. These dose levels were selected on the basis of a previous 21-day oral toxicity study in rats and known data of a 13-week study. Treated animals were observed for abnormalities in health conditions and behaviour daily. Two days before necropsy performed 26 weeks after the initial administration and two days before necropsy performed after the end of the recovery period, urine, accumulated for 16 hours was examined. Animals were killed and subjected to macroscopic examination, selected organs were weighed, and organs/tissues were preserved. Two animals in the highest dose groups died because of injuries resulted from treatment. In the groups receiving 250 mg/kg bw/day and more, excitation and subsequent sedation were observed for two and three hours after administration of Kojic acid. In the groups receiving 500 mg/kg and more, there were also some cases accompanied by exophthalmos and salivation. Suppression of body weight gain was reported in groups receiving 250 mg/kg bw/day Kojic acid and above. Decrease of the urine volume was observed in the two highest dose groups and at 1000 mg/kg bw/day a decrease of urinary pH was reported. Decrease in absolute organ weights were reported for the heart in the dose groups treated with 500 mg/kg bw/day and above and for the spleen in the 500 mg/kg bw/day group only. Absolute organ weight increased in the adrenals in the dose groups treated with 500 mg/kg bw/day and above. In two cases of the 1000 mg/kg bw/day dose group vacuolation of anterior cells of the pituary gland was observed to a slightly greater degree compared to the control group. Test concentrations were based on the results in a toxicity test with all strains. Results the test substance was not toxic in all strains tested with and without metabolic activation.

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