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By: John Theodore Geneczko, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine


This is especially important in registry studies where time horizons may be long and the potential for missing data great medications without a script generic 4 mg coversyl with mastercard. Creating Registries are a number of steps that can be taken to medicine hollywood undead generic coversyl 4mg without a prescription properties medications used for fibromyalgia purchase coversyl 4mg, and scoring algorithms treatment hpv purchase coversyl without prescription. In such a minimize missing data during the implementation scenario, it is imperative that the version of the phase of the registry. Further, there may be meaningful, and that its role in the registry and cases where the person completing the related work is well described, especially to questionnaire may not always be the patient (see patients and families. In these settings, proxy-reports involving real-time, or near-real-time, quality monitoring of close family or caregivers may become the only information being collected in order to identify available measures and the only available data to patterns of missing data, leading to development be incorporated into registries; therefore, it is of targeted interventions to reduce missing data. Obvious approaches must include a plan for managing the examples include infants and small children, unavoidable occurrence of missing data; individuals with signifcant cognitive impairment importantly, a “last observation carried forward” (congenital or acquired), and those at the end of approach to handling missing data should be life. In registries with long time horizons, Nevertheless, proxy-reports are viewed as valuable it is not uncommon for measurement items, or in many of these settings because caregiver or instruments, to evolve or change entirely. By not iteration of an instrument was completed at which considering proxy-reports, symptom-based point in time. Metadata is essentially data about research and other lines of inquiry in these data. Ideally, the extent of they also likely have slightly different questions (in agreement between patient and proxy-reports can terms of structure or order), psychometric 110 Chapter 5. Use of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Registries be established in advance of use of proxy-reports. Below is a refects administering the same instrument over the practical framework for successful lifespan of the registry. The strength of this implementation, centered on achieving data quality recommendation depends partly upon the purpose and consistency. As part of Further, involving the entire health care team standard operating procedures, specifc training (physicians, mid-level providers, nurses, should be provided, with accessible and easy-to administrators, and other support staff) in the use manuals available (preferably in both text and development process is essential, especially with video format). As part of this integration, clinical include metadata that describe key components triggers should be established (and standardized) important for subsequent analyses and end-users, that explicitly force acknowledgement of a patient including who completed the instrument (patient report by a provider. Creating Registries improve patient engagement, recruitment, and instruments and administration methods. If this retention, though there are no data directly process is navigated effectively, the stage will be supporting this. Clear and scientifc basis of the registry are the psychometric careful defnition of the target population, concept properties of the instrument. For a given population or effectively use an instrument with modest content context, even in a registry, it is important to have validity, depending on the purpose of the registry, some a priori hypotheses and justifcation for highlighting the importance of understanding and outcomes being measured, or the study risks defning the purpose of the registry. When carried out effectively, are selected, there must be a systematic approach this planning process generally produces more to determining whether an outcome is best complete data sets that truly include the voices of reported by a patient. Thus, the rational Consider the division of pulmonary medicine at an identifcation of outcomes of interest early in the academic university. The team plans to use a registry for this been psychometrically assessed via paper-based project because they do not feel that they can methods. This pilot study demonstrates that longitudinal manner as the interventions are it is reasonable to use a Web-based approach for introduced. Use of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Registries Case Examples for Chapter 5 Case Example 8. Developing and validating a Study, and a sample of men enrolled in the patient-administered questionnaire observational registry. The team used factor analysis to help select prospective, observational the items from the scale that had the highest registry examining the patient correlations with the principal factors. Using management practices conventional validation, the team examined of primary care providers and reliability (both internal consistency and test urologists, and assessing patient retest repeatability). To assess validity, tests of outcomes, including symptom repeatability and discriminant/convergent validity amelioration and disease were used to determine that the short form progress. Year Started 2004 Results Year Ended 2007 Based on the results of these analyses, the team selected three ejaculatory function items and one No. Development and validation of four-item version of Male Sexual Health Questionnaire to assess Proposed Solution ejaculatory dysfunction. Using validated measures to To achieve the study goals, the registry needed to collect patient-reported outcomes collect health-related data directly from participants in such a way that the data would be Description the Study to Help Improve Early reliable, valid, and comparable across participant evaluation and management of groups and over time. The study involves recall bias and interpretability of the questions, three distinct phases: an initial and self-administered instruments eliminated the screening survey, a baseline possibility of introducing interviewer bias. The survey is entirely particularly important to gather information on paper-based, with participants mailing back activities, weight control, health attitudes, quality completed forms. The validated scoring of life, and other topics directly from the algorithms are used to account for missing or participant, without a physician as an illegible values on the completed forms. The investigators also wanted to participants must be able to read and write follow participants over time to better understand English. Using validated measures to followup rate should be stated a priori so that collect patient-reported outcomes (continued) response rates can be better interpreted with respect to their potential for introducing bias. Results For More Information the registry had a generally high response rate for the surveys. In terms of behaviors among individuals with type 2 diabetes missing data, participants who return the survey mellitus or with cardiometabolic risk factors. Quality For example, a participant may have returned the of life and depression of people living with type 2 completed form in 2005, failed to return the form diabetes mellitus and those at low and high risk in 2006, and returned the form again in 2007. The for type 2 diabetes: fndings from the Study to investigators must account for the missing 2006 Help Improve Early evaluation and management values when conducting longitudinal analyses. Health Qual Life Outcomes enhanced scientifc rigor, the ability to compare 2008;6:18. Association compare registry data with data from other of self-reported weight change and quality of life, sources to assess the representativeness of the and exercise and weight management behaviors registry population. Rate Issues with missing data must be considered in and risk predictors for development of self the planning phases for a registry. Department of Defense experience debilitative symptoms, such as bone pain, in addition to treatment toxicities. Regulatory and government agencies and cancer Specifcally, the goals of the registry are to organizations, including the U. Clinical endpoints in clinical trials, but currently lack data, including diagnosis, treatment, and resource suffcient information about optimal methods to utilization, will be abstracted from medical design robust endpoints. A key feature of this signifcance, and having information on the registry is the use of a single centralized survey variability of symptoms in order to accurately platform that includes a phone survey completed determine necessary sample sizes. The administration, minimizing patient burden, and integrated system of data collection is intended to 118 Chapter 5. Addressing operational Results (continued) barriers such as mode of administration, reduce the burden of data management. Supporting clinical (3) the use of automated reminders, clear practice decisions with real-time patient-reported instruction sheets, and survey questions relevant outcomes. Electronic Key Point patient-reported outcome systems in oncology clinical practice. Patients completed measurement-based care and “self-assessment questionnaires” during their patient-reported outcomes. Challenge the registry often encountered signifcant Psychiatric disorders are strongly associated with barriers to obtaining self-reported data from grave impairments in functioning and quality of psychiatric patients. The staff of assessment, treatment, and research of implemented an appointment scheduling system psychiatric disorders. Analysis of followup data is that built in a 30-minute block of time before ongoing. A total of 2,600 patients were enrolled in the For More Information registry over the course of seven years. A symptom severity, which is to be expected given descriptive analysis of quality of life using the consecutive enrollment of patients in the patient-reported measures in major depressive registry with no exclusion criteria. Design and Analysis of Quality of patient-reported outcome measures and clinical Life Studies in Clinical Trials. Assessing the reported outcomes in cancer: a review of recent Symptoms of Cancer Using Patient-Reported research and policy initiatives. The Criteria for Adverse Events: results of a prognostic signifcance of patient-reported questionnaire-based study. Metaanalysis of the Identifcation of motor and nonmotor wearing-off correlation between radiographic tumor response in Parkinson’s disease: comparison of a patient and patient-reported outcomes. Guidance for Patient-reported outcomes in the Swedish Hip Industry: Patient Reported Outcome Measures: Arthroplasty Register: results of a nationwide Use in Medical Product Development and prospective observational study.

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The mean number of puffs of rescue medicine (albuterol did not have a significant improvement in any of those parameters symptoms 9f diabetes generic coversyl 8mg on-line. The results are preliminary and larger studies are needed possible decreased endometrioma size symptoms ectopic pregnancy order generic coversyl canada. However treatment concussion discount coversyl on line, the study published in mild and transient and included dysfunctional uterine bleeding treatment eating disorders purchase coversyl us, 2011 supports the conclusions of the earlier studies and overcomes 147 epigastric pain, increase in menstrual bleeding, and acne. Taken together, the data Pycnogenol may be a therapeutic option for endometriosis. A larger, placebo-controlled trial would be desirable to assess confidence in using Pycnogenol as adjuvant treatment for asthma. Patients were treated for 3 Patients were treated with 1 mg/kg body weight/day Pycnogenol months with either (1) 75 µg/day gestodene and 30 µg/day ethinyl (n = 44) or placebo (n = 17) for 1 month. Patients were not supple estradiol (n = 7); (2) 75 µg/day gestodene, 30 µg/day ethinylestra mented with any other drug or vitamin E or C during the study. On the Child Attention Problems rating drospirenone, 30 µg/day ethinylestradiol, and 100 mg/day Pycno scale, the teachers reported significant improvements in hyperactiv genol (n = 11). Pain scores were determined using a visual analog ity and inattention compared with baseline (P < 0. After a 1-month washout period, the significant decrease in pain scores after 3 months of treatment (P < scores returned to baseline values. The Conners’ Parent Rating Scale showed genol with an oral contraceptive (56%) had complete resolution of improvements in inattention and hyperactivity scores, but these did pain; none of the patients taking an oral contraceptive alone had not reach statistical significance. One Pycnogenol However, it should be noted that there were only 7 to 14 patients in treated patient had moderate gastric discomfort and another had “a each group; so, this study should be viewed as preliminary evidence rise of slowness. Pycnogenol was effective according to 2 of the 4 standard assess Dysmenorrhea ments. Patients were Gynecology/Women’s Health observed for 2 menstrual cycles to obtain baseline information. They were then treated with 60 mg/day Pycnogenol (n = 49) or Endometriosis 149 placebo (n = 56) throughout a period of time covering 2 menstrual Kohama et al. One more menstrual cycle was observed following cessation study was conducted in women (n = 58; 21-39 years of age) who of the treatment. Menstrual pain decreased more in the Pycnogenol had undergone conservative operations for endometriosis within group than in the placebo group, but the difference was not statis the previous 6 months but still had recurrent moderate-to-severe tically significant (P value not reported). Treatment with Pycnogenol slowly but steadily these effects persisted after Pycnogenol treatment ceased (P < reduced all of the following symptom scores from severe (at base 0. The quality-of-life assessment (36-item Short Form line) to moderate: menstrual pain (P < 0. A total of 80 participants the authors conclude that Pycnogenol has an analgesic-sparing in the Pycnogenol group and 75 participants in the placebo group effect and may be useful as an adjunct to standard treatment. Participants in the placebo group had significant contraceptive combination (60 mg gestodene and 15 µg ethinyl improvements in somatic symptoms and memory and concentration estradiol; Adoless; Farmoquimica S. Significantly more patients in the the authors conclude that supplementation improved the qual Pycnogenol combination group (27%) became pain-free during the ity of life for perimenopausal women. This study demonstrates that hormone-free period; none of the patients in the oral contraceptive the benefits of Pycnogenol on climacteric symptoms can be safely only group became pain-free (P = 0. With Pycnogenol, most symptoms the authors conclude that a 24-day/4-day oral contraceptive changed from always or sometimes occurring to never occurring, regimen plus 100 mg/day Pycnogenol reduces menstrual pain in while the frequency of occurrence was maintained in the placebo patients with severe dysmenorrhea. Therefore, this study should be viewed as preliminary evidence of efficacy, even Errichi S et al. Women received either 100 mg/day Pregnancy-associated Pain 153 Pycnogenol or placebo for 8 weeks. All participants were trained on Kohama & Inoue (2006) An open-label study was conducted lifestyle changes to limit menopause symptoms. The following pregnancy with lower back pain, hip joint pain, inguinal pain, pain symptoms were significantly improved in the Pycnogenol group due to varices, or calf cramps to assess the effect of Pycnogenol on compared with the placebo group (P < 0. Women received either 30 bloating, irregular heartbeat, pain feeling like electric shocks, and mg/day Pycnogenol (n = 80) for 6 weeks or were untreated controls digestive problems. Lower back pain, hip joint pain, inguinal pain, pain due improved in the Pycnogenol group compared with baseline (P < to varices, and calf cramps were significantly reduced after 2 and 6 0. The untreated control group had no significant improve ing, memory lapses, dizziness, weight gain, brittle nails, depres ments. The control group did not have any significant change genol significantly improved only lower back pain compared with in any of these symptoms. The authors conclude that Pycnogenol used in the third trimester the authors conclude that Pycnogenol would be a very good, of pregnancy is a safe and effective way of alleviating pregnancy basic, daily dietary supplement for menopausal women. The authors state that Pycnogenol should not be the findings were statistically significant, the authors did not discuss used in the first 3 months of pregnancy because safety has not been whether the effects were clinically meaningful. Although it appears relatively short; the benefits of Pycnogenol could have become more that Pycnogenol was more effective than no treatment, the authors profound or conversely, could have returned to baseline. Finally, it is should have provided the statistical analysis comparing the 2 condi unclear whether the study was double blind. They hypothesize that a higher dose of Pycnogenol may have blinded; if the researchers were not blinded, then the study could been needed to help the patients who did not respond to treatment. In any event, it is notable that the Pycnogenol-treated Menopause Transition participants showed an improvement, while the placebo-treated Yang et al. Women received 200 mg/day Pycno placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial was conducted in healthy genol or placebo for 6 months. At study start, both groups had perimenopausal women (n = 170; 42-58 years of age). Future studies should include radiological measures study) or placebo (n = 77 who completed the study) for 12 weeks. At to determine whether joint space narrowing is affected by Pycno baseline, both groups had similar severity and frequency of symp genol treatment. Compared with placebo, Pycnogenol significantly improved vasomotor symptoms (P = 0. Patients were treated with 150 mg/day oral inability to return to sleep, and tired when getting up), and feeling Pycnogenol (n = 19) or placebo (n = 18) for 3 months. Also, Pycnogenol may increase the efficacy of 150 the use of pain medicine, in both the number of pills and number oral contraceptive treatment of endometriosis. Even though the study was underpowered, the findings were Safety has not been established in the first or second trimester of highly significant based on the P value after 3 months of treatment, pregnancy. The study could have benefited from addi the 3 clinical trials evaluating the treatment of Pycnogenol for tional objective measures, such as performance-based functional climacteric symptoms during menopause transition support effi 100,133,154 measures. One well-designed, rigorous study showed that Pycno the findings were both clinically and statistically significant. Patients were treated with 150 mg/day oral Pycnogenol (n = ing whether the participants found the improvements beneficial and 50) or placebo (n = 50) for 3 months. Compared with baseline, pain whether the participants would choose to continue treatment with (P < 0. They were was significantly different from placebo at 6, 8, and 12 weeks (P < treated with 100 mg/day oral Pycnogenol (n = 77) or placebo (n = 0. Pycnogenol treatment resulted in a significant mean increase the study design was nearly identical to that of Farid et al. Also lacking in these studies are any radiological measures, function, attention, and mental performance in healthy students (n and biochemical measures, such as inflammatory cytokine status = 108; 18-27 years of age). They were told to avoid caffeine Hemorrhoids (Acute) 158 and alcohol before testing. It is unclear whether the study compared with baseline and control; reduction in the latency to was double blinded or single blinded. Patients were divided into correctly respond compared with baseline; improvement in anxiety, 4 treatment groups. Group 1 (n = 20) was treated with 300 mg/ alertness, and contentedness compared with baseline and control; day oral Pycnogenol for 4 days followed by 150 mg/day for 3 days. Group and improved planning ability compared with baseline and control 3 (n = 21) was treated with oral Pycnogenol as described for group (P < 0. Compared with the placebo group, the 3 Pycnogenol groups of Pycnogenol on mood in healthy young adults. The patients treated with oral plus topical Pycnogenol had a improved in Pycnogenol-treated participants compared with base significantly faster and better improvement than the other groups line and control. Hemorrhoidal bleeding completely resolved in treatment to no treatment, so it is possible that the improvement all patients taking Pycnogenol but was not resolved in the placebo was due to a placebo effect.

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Insuffcient light signal to medicine and science in sports and exercise purchase cheapest coversyl and coversyl the brain may be related to symptoms gestational diabetes purchase cheap coversyl line a decrease in time spent outdoors or age-related changes in light receptors in the eye denivit intensive treatment buy discount coversyl line. Because light exposure is an important regulator of the circadian clock symptoms pulmonary embolism order 8mg coversyl with visa, age-associated reduction in light exposure results in a weaker signal from the circadian clock. In addition, some older adults go to bed and wake up earlier than when they were younger, a shift that is infuenced by both biology and lifestyle. Sleep Across the Night for Younger Versus Older Adults 24 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Veterans E. Sleep Disorders this section describes a few common sleep disorders that may co-exist with and contribute to insomnia. Patients with these disorders should be referred to the appropriate sleep medicine specialist for treatment. Unless they wake gasping for air, or they are told about these symptoms by a bedpartner, patients may not be aware they are experiencing them. Position therapy involves the use of physical barriers to prevent patients from lying in a supine (lying on the back) sleeping position. Breathing events fragment sleep by causing arousals, which, in the absence of insomnia, tend to be brief. When apnea and insomnia coexist both conditions need to be treated independently, but providers need to be cognizant of the effects of the two disorders and their treatments on each other. These symptoms provoke an urge to move and tend to improve with activity, such as walking around. The symptoms start or worsen when at rest and tend to be worse in the evening or at night, especially when lying down. Therapist Manual 25 Therapist: Mike, do you ever notice, when you are sitting still for a period of time, or when you are getting into bed at night, or if you wake up during the night, that you get a creepy crawling feeling in your legs. It used to be pretty bad, almost every night, and I would need to get out of bed and walk around. Mike: Well, I still have to get up and walk a bit, but usually only once and then it does not bother me anymore. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are disorders that emerge when a person’s internal circadian clock is misaligned or otherwise not congruent with the desired sleep period. The most common disorders in this class are delayed sleep phase syndrome and advanced sleep phase syndrome. In both disorders sleep is disturbed only when attempted during times that are not congruent with the sleeper’s biological clock. Other, more rare disorders in this class occur when the signals from the biological pacemaker are weak or otherwise abnormal. Delayed sleep phase syndrome is diagnosed when there is a chronic or recurrent complaint of inability to fall asleep at a desired conventional clock time and of diffculty waking at desired and socially acceptable times. Delayed sleep phase usually emerges during adolescence but may be present in earlier childhood. Although Carlos presents with complaints of poor sleep, the therapist diagnoses delayed sleep phase syndrome and refers him to a sleep specialist. Therapist: Carlos, what would you say is most disturbing about your sleep problem. I don’t function very well during the day, and because of that, I just lost another job because, I just can’t do things during the day. I think it might be related to my sleep, because I’m having trouble with my sleep. Carlos: My schedule was very erratic, depending on when we were conducting operations. So right now when you are able to sleep in, for example on the weekend or on vacation, what is your preferred schedule to go to bed and wake up. Therapist: Okay, I can see how it would be, and when you do that, allow yourself to sleep late, how well do you sleep. So I stay in bed till noon, half listening to the noises outside and half sleeping. Therapist: If you were able to set your own schedule, if you could sleep at any time you wanted, what time would you get into bed, and what time would you get out. Carlos: Well, it’s most convenient when I’m up with the rest of the world, so yeah, it would be nice to go to bed at 11:00 p. I’ve tried it, so Therapist: Sopeople expect you to go to bed when most of them do, like midnight, and get up at 8 a. Therapist: But if you were to set your own schedule, and everyone else would revolve around what you want, what would be an ideal time for you. Therapist: So, what is your best time of day in terms of when you feel you’re the most alert. Therapist: You know Carlos, it sounds to me like you have a sleep problem called delayed sleep phase syndrome. Advanced sleep phase syndrome is diagnosed when there is a chronic or recurrent complaint of inability to remain asleep until the individual’s desired conventional wake time, together with diffculty staying awake until a desired and socially acceptable nocturnal bedtime. However, when these patients are allowed to choose their preferred schedule, they exhibit normal sleep quality and duration for their age and maintain an advanced but stable sleep-wake pattern. Treatment of both advanced and delayed sleep phase disorders remains beyond the scope of this manual. Briefy, it consists of using properly timed light exposure and changing sleep-wake behaviors to assist in shifting the individual’s circadian rhythm to a desired sleep-wake time and to help maintain a stable sleep schedule. Properly timed low doses of melatonin can also be used to shift the circadian clock. Overview of Insomnia Insomnia is diagnosed when poor sleep is associated with distress or daytime consequences, such as impairment in function or mood. About 75% of people with insomnia can identify a trigger, or precipitating event, that initiated their insomnia. Examples include health issues or stress related to family or work situations (Bastien, Vallieres, & Morin, 2004). Poor sleep is a common reaction to stress but there are large individual differences in how people react to and cope with stress. Most of the time, sleep normalizes after the stress that started it subsides or after the medical condition that caused it is treated. The bed and the bedroom become linked with wakefulness, arousal, or negative emotions. For these people, past experience with tossing and turning while trying to sleep has made the bed a cue for wakefulness rather than sleep. Conditioned arousal can develop even when the main problem is prolonged awakenings in the middle of the night, rather than diffculty in initially falling asleep. They extend the time they spend in bed, avoid previously enjoyed evening activities, and spend long periods tossing and turning in bed. The very act of “trying” to sleep produces frustration, increases arousal, and can become a hidden source of stress. The harder a person tries to pull the fngers out, the more stuck the fngers become. Worry about sleep is another common reaction to having diffculty sleeping, particularly in those individuals who are predisposed to worry. After a period of not sleeping well, apprehension and concern that the coming night will be another struggle emerge. When unable to sleep, worries about the negative daytime consequences of insuffcient sleep develop and people start to plan their day and evening activities around their sleep. Such worries, though understandable, are mentally activating and end up making sleep even more diffcult to achieve. The therapist personalizes the model, referring to Mike’s tendency to feel anxious and worried while in bed. I thought what we might talk about today is the way that insomnia develops and becomes a chronic problem. Therapist: [nods and waits] Mike: I just start thinking about her health and my grandson, and I’ll really want to get to sleep, and I can’t. Therapist: What happens is that your bed becomes associated with these worries and frustrations.

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  • Chest pain (tightness)
  • Laminectomy
  • Hypoparathyroidism
  • When the pancreas is not able to make enzymes needed for digestion (pancreatic insufficiency)
  • Aromatic oils
  • Fusion does not heal. This can lead to a painful condition in which a false joint grows at the site. This is called pseudarthrosis.
  • Infection, including in the lungs, urinary tract, and belly

Biopsy of lesional skin shows that the epidermis (E) Hypersensitivity angiitis and papillary dermis are expanded by an extensive in ltrate of atypical lymphocytes 6 mp treatment cheap generic coversyl canada. These in ltrating lymphocytes most 21 A 20-year-old man presents to symptoms 1 week after conception purchase coversyl american express his family physician for treat likely express which of the following “cluster of differentia ment of itching after exposure to medicine zantac purchase coversyl overnight delivery poison ivy treatment quadriceps tendonitis purchase coversyl 8mg without prescription. Which of the follow ing represents the most important step in the pathogenesis of the sensitization phase of injury in this patient. The patient has numerous freckles over her upper trunk and Diagnosis: Actinic keratosis face. Which of the following terms best describes the morpho logic appearance of her freckles. These malignant tumors most often appear 23 A 40-year-old woman complains that the skin on her ngers on the hands or feet but may occur anywhere. The skin of her face appears tense, and radial fur appearance of Kaposi sarcoma is highly variable. Other forms are of dermal appendages and abundant collagen bundles aligned highly cellular and vascular spaces are less prominent. Which of the following clin Barr virus (choice B) is associated with Burkitt lymphoma in ical symptoms is commonly seen in patients with this derma sub-Saharan Africa, and human papillomavirus types 16/18 tologic condition. Although choices (D) Polyuria and polydipsia A, B, and D may be factors in melanoma aggressiveness, the (E) Urolithiasis evaluation of tumor thickness is recognized as the single stron gest prognostic variable for melanoma. Seborrheic keratoses are scaly, frequently pigmented, elevated papules or plaques whose scales are easily rubbed off. Ichthyosis vulgaris is an are composed of broad anastomosing cords of mature strati ed autosomal dominant disorder of keratinization characterized squamous epithelium associated with small cysts of keratin by mild hyperkeratosis and reduced or absent keratohyaline (horn cysts). Scaly skin results from increased keratoses has been associated with internal malignancies (sign cohesiveness of the stratum corneum. Papillo tum granulosum consists of a single layer with small defective mavirus infection (choice D) induces papilloma formation. Most patients are maintained free of Choices B and D do not lead to acute plaque eruption. The other choices do not fea Diagnosis: Seborrheic keratoses ture autosomal dominant inheritance. Lentigo maligna p16) have been found in some patients who have dysplastic melanoma, also known as Hutchinson melanotic freckle, is a nevus/melanoma and in their family members. Because it occurs on exposed body surfaces, it is and E are not related to cell proliferation. Mutations in epi probably related to chronic ultraviolet light exposure, with dermal growth factor receptor (choice C) are involved in some out acute episodes of sunburn, and often occurs in outdoor malignant neoplasms but not dysplastic nevus/melanoma syn workers. A similar tumor occurs on the mucous membranes and is called mucosal lentiginous melanoma (choice D). With time, actinic ker mis and epidermis that is characterized by persistent epider atoses may evolve into squamous cell carcinoma in situ and, mal hyperplasia. It is a chronic, frequently familial disorder nally, into invasive squamous cell carcinoma. However, most that features large, erythematous, scaly plaques, commonly on are stable and many regress. The nucleated layers the Skin 281 of the epidermis are thickened several-fold in the rete pegs and 12 the answer is E: Human papillomavirus. The capillaries also known as the common wart, is an elevated papule with of the papillae are dilated and tortuous. The warts may be single at their tips and migrate into the epidermis above the apices or multiple and are most frequent on the dorsal surfaces of of the papillae. Several human papillomavirus types, dermal spinous layer or in small Munro microabscesses in the including types 2 and 4, have been demonstrated in verruca stratum corneum. The other varying number of mononuclear in ammatory cells (choices choices do not induce papillomas. The clini drugs and microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), and cal spectrum of the disease ranges from a minor annoyance to occurs in association with a number of benign and malignant a widespread, life-threatening blistering disease. The early neutrophilic in ammation sug ters are almost always noted at birth or shortly thereafter. Blisters seen in bullous pemphigoid other choices do not feature this distinctive histology. In ichthyosis vulgaris (choice D), scaly skin pemphigus vulgaris (thus, the term pemphigoid) but in which results from increased cohesiveness of the stratum corneum. In contrast to pemphigus vulgaris (choice E), immu 10 the answer is B: Desmoglein-3. Pemphigus vulgaris is an no uorescent studies demonstrate linear deposition of C3 and autoimmune disease caused by autoantibodies to a keratino IgG along the epidermal basement membrane zone. The characteristic lesion is a large, easily ruptured choices do not feature antibasement membrane antibodies. Supra Diagnosis: Bullous pemphigoid basal dyshesion results in a blister that has an intact basal layer as a oor and the remaining epidermis as a roof. Derma contains a moderate number of lymphocytes, macrophages, titis herpetiformis is an intensely pruritic cutaneous erup eosinophils, and neutrophils. Distinctive, rounded keratin tion related to gluten sensitivity, which is characterized by ocytes (termed acantholytic cells) are shed into the vesicle urticaria-like plaques and vesicles over the extensor surfaces during the process of dyshesion. Genetically predisposed patients may develop in patients with pemphigus vulgaris react with an epidermal IgA antibodies to components of gluten in the intestines. The release of lysosomal enzymes by mented by the release of plasminogen activator and, hence, in ammatory cells cleaves the epidermis from the dermis. This proteolytic enzyme acts on the other choices are not typical histologic ndings in dermatitis intercellular substance and may be the dominant factor in dys herpetiformis. None of the other choices are related to the pathogen Diagnosis: Dermatitis herpetiformis esis of pemphigus vulgaris. Diagnosis: Pemphigus vulgaris 16 the answer is C: Granular distribution of immune complexes in the basement membrane zone. The tumor is composed of the release of a large number of antigens, some of which may nests of deeply basophilic epithelial cells with narrow rims return to the skin in the form of immune complexes. Immune of cytoplasm that are attached to the epidermis and protrude complexes are also formed in the skin by a reaction of local into the subjacent papillary dermis. Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma Diagnosis: Systemic lupus erythematosus 282 Chapter 24 associated with external contact with an allergen. Acne vulgaris is a self ivy) and dermatitis herpetiformis (choice B) is secondary to glu limited, in ammatory disorder of the sebaceous follicles that ten sensitivity. The development of acne is related to excessive hormonally does not feature the deposition of immune complexes. Allergic contact dermatitis is a model of spongiotic dermatitis, a reaction pattern in which there is edema in the epidermis. In the initial 24 hours following reexposure to the 18 the answer is E: Lichen planus. Lichen planus is a hyper offending plant (elicitation phase), numerous lymphocytes and sensitivity reaction with lymphocytic in ltrates at the macrophages accumulate about the super cial venular bed dermal-epidermal junction. This injury causes some epidermal cells to are partially separated by the edema uid, creating a sponge be treated as “foreign. The processed antigen induces local mac low molecular weight haptens combine with carrier proteins rophage activation and lymphocytic proliferation. These in amma and T lymphocytes disrupt the stratum basalis resulting in tory cells carry processed antigen through the lymphatics reactive epidermal proliferation (hyperkeratosis). The site of pathologic injury is at the dermal-epidermal junc Cytokine production leads to the accumulation of more T cells tion, where there is a striking in ltrate of lymphocytes, many and macrophages and to epidermal cell injury. These histologic Diagnosis: Allergic contact dermatitis features are not observed in the other choices. In late stages, the dermal in ltrate to sunlight and fades when light exposure ceases. The disease also displays vari Diagnosis: Mycosis fungoides able structural and functional involvement of internal organs, including the kidneys, lungs, heart, esophagus, and small 20 the answer is E: Hypersensitivity angiitis. Patients with early scleroderma usually present also been called allergic cutaneous vasculitis, leukocytoclastic with Raynaud phenomenon or nonpitting edema of the hands vasculitis, and hypersensitivity angiitis. The elaborated C5a stages of the disease, the skin over large parts of the body is complement component attracts neutrophils, which degranu thickened, densely brotic, and xed to the underlying tissue. It Diagnosis: Scleroderma may also be a secondary process in a variety of chronic diseases. Allergic contact dermatitis (choice A) is Chapter 25 the Head and Neck aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.

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