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We have been innovating in the matter of healthy food since we started out in 1979.
Now Teresa Carles Healthy Foods has more than 140 employees and a R&D&I team who are all driven by passion and the wish to make their dream come true: improve people's quality of life through healthy food, knowledge and technology.


We believe that taking care of one's health does not need to be boring, demanding or unpleasant. We make use of our experience and creativity to design recipes that guarantee the expected organoleptic pleasure. Deliciously healthy recipes!


We know that a proper diet is essential to achieve a strong and disease-free health and a fulfilling life. Therefore we choose the foods and the cooking methods thoroughly, so as they provide the maximum of health benefits.


Our story and traditions are based on the countryside. Whenever possible, we farm our own seasonal fruits and vegetables and we choose the rest in favor of local produce, sustainability and environment.
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Teresa Carles
Teresa Carles Borràs

Teresa Carles Borràs

“Chef in Charge” de TCHF

Deeply influenced by a traditional and familiar Catalan cuisine, Teresa leap into cooking with a goal in mind: using the best products from her motherland (Algerri, Lleida) to create recipes as tasty as her grandmothers' and mother's but in a natural and much healthier way. Her desire to know more and more leads her to travelling throughout Europe and USA while analyzing several variations of vegetarian cuisine.

She is a self-made 35 years experienced in vegetal and natural products, and the author of notable cooking books as well.

Along with Ramón Barri, Teresa has got an extensive experience as a healthy restaurants set up consultant within Spain.


Flexitarian Cuisine

FLAX & KALE is a Healthy Flexitarian Restaurant. All the dishes are designed not only to maximize the organoleptic pleasure, but also considering their nutritional value. 80% of our offer is Plant-Based and the remaining 20% are recipes that contain Oily Fish. Nowadays there are hardly any doubts about the correlation between a proper diet and a strong illness-free health. We feel passionate about feeding you better therefore you can be happier and live longer with an optimal health. Welcome to the fascinating world of Tasty + Healthy + Sustainable food!

Flax & Kale à Porter
Flax & Kale à Porter
Flax & Kale à Porter

Healthy Grab&Go

Flax & Kale à Porter is a new concept meant to shake up the ever-growing category of healthy-fast casual restaurants. Our offer is built upon 3 pillars:

  1. Healthy Grab&Go. The widely varied menu includes whole grain sandwiches, gluten free wraps, healthy bakery, plant-based yoghourts, raw granolas, etc.
  2. Juice Bar. Cold-pressed juices, plant-based drinks, smoothies, smoothie bowls... In terms of drinks, we have the whole Flax & Kale offer.
  3. Coffee Specialty. Origin coffee grown, processed and prepared with extreme care. We develop and combine our fresh plant-based drinks, daily made in our artisanal workroom, to achieve a superior coffee experience.
Home Delivery

Stairway to Health

One day we asked ourselves how a Healthy Fast Food Restaurant might look like. And we started to create it, to give shape to it… we actually made it happen. With the same perspective that has made us succeed with both Teresa Carles and Flax & Kale, now we’re introducing Teresa’s Stairway to Health. It is more than a Juice Bar and it is more than a Healthy Eatery. It is actually both of them in a single concept – Salads & Bowls, Burgers, Tacos, Healthy Pizza, Cold-pressed Juices, Smoothies, Kombuchas, Plant-Based Drinks, Healthy Indulgences, Smoothie Bowls & Pots, Frozen Smoothies, etc.