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By: Bruce Alan Perler, M.B.A., M.D.

  • Vice Chair for Clinical Operations and Financial Affairs
  • Professor of Surgery


The questionnaires will be identified only by a code number and will not be seen by your doctor antibiotic in food buy generic fucidin 10 gm on-line. Clark Jan Godwin Consultant Gynaecologist Charge Nurse 0121 607 4712 0121 472 1377 ext 8705 Both are based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital antibiotics zithromax purchase generic fucidin line, Birmingham antibiotics for dogs clavamox buy cheap fucidin 10gm on-line. The explanation included • a patient information sheet which I have read bacterial nucleoid 10gm fucidin mastercard, understood and accepted • the purpose and length of the study • What the study involves, if I take part I understand that I am free to withdraw from this study at any time and that, if I do, this will not adversely affect my future treatment. I am aware and agree that information obtained during the study will be sent to the central study organisers for analysis, where it will be treated as strictly confidential and nothing identifying me personally will be made publicly available. If she fulfils all the surgical eligibility criteria she will have her operation on date. The result of the randomisation cannot be disclosed until the end of the trial, which is anticipated to be December 2005. The patient will receive postal questionnaires, including questions on menstrual bleeding and related symptoms, quality of life, sexual function and demands on health care resources, at 3, 6, 12, 24 and 60 months post-operatively. The investigators do not anticipate that there will any complications that would necessitate the unblinding of the treatment, but in exceptional circumstances the consultant has a record of the treatment, which is kept separate from her notes. I would appreciate being notified if there are any errors or if she is no longer one of your patients. Past or present treatment for periods (you may tick more than one category): None Mefanamic acid Tranexamic acid Combined oral contraceptive Oral progestin Depot / implant progestin Mirena Hysteroscopic myomectomy Other (please state)! If you do not wish to take part your decision Invitation to participate a new technology study will not affect the standard of care you will receive. You are invited to take part in a research study to find out which is the best treatment to remove polyps in the If I take part will I be treated with the electrical or outpatient setting. Birmingham Women’s Hospital do not have to take part, nor give a reason why, if you Women are allocated at random to either electrical or Metchley Park Road decide not to. Before you decide whether or not to take mechanical operating instruments by the central study Edgbaston part, it is important for you to understand why the office. This means that doctors is anything that is not clear, or you would like more can not choose which women will receive which information you should ask your gynaecologist or clinic treatment and this makes the results much more nurse for further advice. This is called a ‘randomised clinical trial’ and it is the standard medical research method for comparing What is the procedure that is being tested Outpatient polyp treatment with electrical operating instruments compared to mechanical operating What will happen to me if I take part Depending on the local circumstances you will A Randomised Controlled at the cervix (neck of the womb) or inside the uterus then either have the polyp removed immediately or you (womb). Polyps require removal for examination under will be listed on an outpatient operative list at a later Participant Information SheetTrial of Mechanical versus the microscope. The operative procedure usually takes 5-20 Electrical Instrumentation for minutes on average. After the procedure you will be given a type of hysteroscope (3-6 millimetre in diameter) into short, confidential, questionnaire about your experience. However, a During the procedure you may get some crampy period new instrument using a mechanical cutting edge has type pains in your lower abdomen, which usually settle come to market. If it does not the nurse anaesthesia the mechanical cutting instrument has will give you some simple painkillers. A minority of been shown to be easier to learn, more effective at women may feel a little faint following the procedure completely removing polyps and quicker. However, the requiring them to lie down for a few minutes until the instrument is slightly larger, which could potentially sensation passes. Light spotting or fresh blood loss is cause more discomfort and prolong the procedure in the not uncommon but again should settle within a few outpatient setting. Therefore, we want to compare the hours of the procedure, although some women may electrical and mechanical instruments for speed, experience light vaginal blood loss for a few days. After completeness of polyp removal and patient the procedure you will be able to rest and have a cup of acceptability. What are the alternatives for diagnosis and Any compliant about the way you have been dealt with It is expected that the results willbe reported in a treatment Everyone who takes part will then be told polyps with the aim of improving symptoms and Part 2. The study will follow ethical and legal practice and the study researchers have received support from the naturally, but this is uncommon and generally applies to all information about you will be handled in confidence. Another alternative is to remove the details are included in Part 2 the polyp at a later date as a day-case procedure under the doctors and researchers involved are not being a general anaesthetic Part 2 If the information in part 1 has interested you paid for recruiting women into the study. Patients are and you are considering participation, please read not paid to take part either, but their help in finding out What are the risks and disadvantages of taking part 2 before making a decision more about how best to treat polyps is much part The results will available and you should ask for the complaints the study now or later feel free to ask your influence the way women with polyps are treated in the manager at the hospital. Please take the but you are advised to contact your medical insurance time before your appointment to decide whether you What are the side effects of treatment received provider to confirm this. Minor side-effects of hysteroscopy include prolonged Will information about me be kept confidential Some women can experience severe, your doctor will send basic information about you and be down loaded from their website: This and maybe useful if you require general information few minutes immediately following the procedure. If you require specific information only serious and rare complication specific to the the study staff only. The questionnaires will not contain about the research project please contact any of the procedure of polyp removal is making a hole in the wall your name and will be identified using code number and trial staff listed below. No named naturally, but occasionally can cause bleeding or information about you will be published in the study Contact details damage to other organs in the abdomen that requires report. Occasionally, inspectors of clinical study data Local Study Organisers: immediate abdominal surgery to repair. Are there any benefits for me from taking part in the from this, only the study organisers will have access to Central Study Organisers: study Mr Justin Clark, Chief investigator, Consultant Participants may not gain any individual benefit. I have had the opportunity to consider the information, ask questions and these have! I accept that the study researchers may telephone or email me, if necessary, to remind me to complete questionnaires, or to ask the questions over the phone. I understand that the personal information and details about my treatment will be used for medical research only. I understand that relevant sections of my medical notes and data collected during the study may be looked at by individuals from Birmingham Women’s Hospital or regulatory authorities, where it is relevant to my taking part in! I understand what is involved in the trial, agree to participate and be randomised between trial treatments. Signed: Date: // (dd/mm/yy) * Definition of vaso-vagal episode: unable to get off examination couch within 5 minutes due to dizziness, feeling faint or nausea. The completed questionnaire should be handed into one of the nurses or ward staff. Please place a mark (x) on the lines shown below to indicate how much pain you had. We are also interested in knowing how much pain you have currently with your periods. Please tick the most appropriate box: I do not have periods I get little or no period pain I get a moderate amout of period pain I get some severe period pain I get very severe period pain Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire Please check that you have answered each question on this page. One extreme of the line represents “no pain at all” while the other represents “as much pain as you can possibly imagine”. Pain at 15 minutes post-procedure/or at discharge if earlier No pain at all Worst imaginable pain 3. Would you describe the procedure as: Totally acceptable Generally acceptable Fairly acceptable Unacceptable 4. Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire Please check that you have answered each question on this page.

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The Scapulae the shoulder blades are two triangular fat bones that overlay but are not attached to virus mutation cheap 10gm fucidin amex the posterior surface of the rib cage bacteria types of bacteria buy fucidin on line. It can be felt to virus removal free download cheap 10 gm fucidin fast delivery extend from the joint with the clavicle towards the medial border of the scapula antibiotic resistance new zealand discount 10 gm fucidin with amex. Muscles of the Trunk the Pelvic Girdle Some have been referred to elsewhere when referring to movements of the limbs. The pelvic girdle is formed of three bones the sacrum and two Other important muscles are: innominate bones. The innominate bones articulate with the sacrum at the sacro-iliac joint a synovial plane joint. Sacro-iliac strain O the sternocleidomastoid is attached to the sternum and clavicle and extending to the mastoid bone behind the ear, is a frequent source of back pain. O the trapezius is attached to the occiput of the skull and the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, it extends to the spine of the scapulae and lateral part of the clavicle. Together the two triangular muscles have a diamond shape, which gives them their name the erector spinae muscles which lie on either side of the vertebral column, extend from the sacrum to the back of the skull, participate in extension of the trunk. At this stage the cast room staff personnel may be involved in the application of a jacket to stabilise the neck such as a Minerva jacket, or a plaster vest for a Halo splint, for example in the case of cervical or high thoracic injury. The main problem with spinal injuries is the risk of damage to nerves or the spinal cord itself. Before any cast is applied we must ensure that there are suffcient staff to assist, who must all be adequately briefed as to their roles. The patient may be able to sit or stand for the application or there must be adequate support for the patient. In addition, the cast may be applied with the patient lying down and fully supported on a frame. The surgeon ought to take personal responsibility for the positioning of the patient and maintaining of the desired position. If the patient has altered skin sensation, special care must be Crush fracture of the vertebrae taken to prevent skin breakdown under the cast, with adequate padding and ft of the jacket. Sometimes the cast plaster room staff personnel will be asked to manufacture resting splints to maintain the position of paralysed limbs. Special care must be taken to ensure that these splints do not cause skin breakdown. The problem Pain in the lumbar region is probably the most common symptom can be postural, sciatic or structural. It is often referred to by limb inequality or muscle spasm and will disappear when the as lumbago (pain in the lumbar region) or sciatica (pain along the patient bends forward. Sciatic curves are secondary to a prolapsed course and distribution of the sciatic nerve). In structural scoliosis there is a curvature of the spine accompanied the origin of the pain can be the bones, muscles, nerves, internal by a rotational abnormality of the vertebrae. The causes of structural the treatment usually involves physiotheraphy or sometimes a short scoliosis are many. The patient will usually require analgesia and a abnormality of the vertebrae or to a neuro-muscular imbalance but muscle relaxant. The patient should commence a series of exercises most are idiopathic (unknown cause). The disc is made up of two parts, an outer ring of fbrocartilage the disease may affect any part of the vertebral column though called the annulus fbrosus and an inner soft mass called the nucleus the thoracic and lumber regions are affected more frequently. When the disc ‘slips’ the nucleus pulposus herniates the frst sign is usually a primary curve and then a secondary or through what is probably an already weakened annulus fbrosus. If the problem does not resolve with rest and support then surgery the treatment objectives are frstly to prevent the regression of will need to be considered. This involves the decompression of the the curve and if indicated to stabilise the spine. Surgical treatment comprises correction of the deformity, usually done at the time of surgery, plus the fusion of the vertebrae by internal fixation. In the post operative period an orthosis or occasionally a synthetic jacket will be needed. The casts applied in the management of scoliosis require a high level of skill on behalf of the cast room staff personnel. Factors associated with this condition are familial tendency, breech delivery or presence of other congenital abnormalities. Girls are affected more than boys and a third of these have bilateral hip involvement. The condition is treatable and you will encounter patients from birth through to early adulthood requiring skilled application of splints. The aims of treatment will be to relocate the femur in the acetabulum of the innominate bone and maintain that position for a suffcient time to allow moulding of the acetabulum to take place and to encourage a normal development of surrounding soft tissues. Initially this will require splinting in the reduced position with the hip fexed and in 40–60 ° abduction for approximately three months. Some surgeons prefer the use of one of the abduction harnesses available commercially such as the Pavlik harness. If the child is older, splintage may be by the use of a frog ‘type’ cast applied in the humane position. Cases that fail to respond to early treatment or those that are diagnosed later in life may require operative reduction in order to achieve a stable position. Consideration of the absorbent nature of materials used should be made before applying casts post operatively, particularly as Posteriorly below the tips of the scapula to the coccyx. It continues down the legs to the knees, ankles or to include the the position will depend on the injury and/or surgeons instructions. It is worth noting that the hips and knees are most comfortable in the slightly fexed position. For One and a Half or Double hip spicas abduct the good leg to facilitate toileting and nursing care. Equipment required Hip Spica frame or equivalent for casts applied with the patient lying supine. Electric Hoist for transfer if required (Please refer to local Handling and Moving policy. Single hip spicas can be applied whilst the patient is standing, if their condition allows. The cast extends from just below the nipple line to the pubis anteriorly and from the lower edges of the scapulae to the coccyx posteriorly. It continues down the affected leg only to end at either the knee, ankle or to the toes. Padding Plaster of Paris Stockinette is applied to the body with armholes cut like a vest. Basic trolley see page 26 plus the circle of gamgee is placed over the diaphragm, and non O Stockinette 15cm or 10cm depending on the trunk size. Apply a layer of undercast O Non-adhesive felt 5mm thick padding frmly around the hip and down the leg – beware of the O Adhesive felt 2mm thick beginner’s triangle on the posterior aspect of the hip. If the spica is to be a long single hip spica position the knee and pad and plaster to the ankle, then position and complete down to the foot. Trim the nursing area anteriorly to above the symphysis pubis around the legs and posteriorly make sure you trim to just above the coccyx. Turn back the stockinette and hold in place with two layer strips of plaster of Paris. The to ensure that the cast is strong over the posterior aspect of the circle of gamgee is placed over the diaphragm, and non-adhesive hip joints, the so called ‘beginners triangle’. Apply a layer of undercast padding around the body and in a fgure of eight around the hip and down the leg. Use an extra layer of padding or 2mm adhesive felt around the supra-condylar area of the femur to protect the skin at the join. It can be helpful to place a layer of thin felt on the medial aspect of the proximal thigh. Synthetic Application Apply the bandages as for a single hip spica but using a fgure Apply the casting bandages round the body and in a fgure of eight of eight technique around both hips. It is useful to cut 2 slabs of 10cm wide X 20cm three layers of cast material and When using synthetic materials use one slab made from three apply as the slabs in diagrams 3 & 4 on page 93.

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