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By: Bruce Alan Perler, M.B.A., M.D.

  • Vice Chair for Clinical Operations and Financial Affairs
  • Professor of Surgery


Determination of cefalexin pharmacokinetics and dosage adjustments in relation to antibiotics listed by strength purchase keflex 500 mg with visa renal function vyrus 985 c3 4v order keflex from india. Pharmacokinetics of cephalexin: an evaluation of oneand two-compartment model pharmacokinetics antibiotic resistance evolves in bacteria because order generic keflex on line. The pharmacokinetics of antibiotics used to antibiotics for acne in adults generic keflex 250 mg with amex treat peritoneal dialysis-associated with peritonitis. Pharmacokinetics of cefaclor and cephalexin: dosage nomograms for impaired renal function. Under such conditions, careful clinical observation and laboratory studies should be made because safe dosage may be lower than that usually recommended. Second-generation antihistamines: actions and efficacy in the management of allergic disorders. Pharmacokinetics of cetirizine in the elderly and patients with renal insufficiency. Pharmacokinetics of cetirizine in chronic hemodialysis patients: multiple-dose study. Molecular properties and pharmacokinetic behavior of cetirizine, a zwitterionic H1-receptor antagonist. Stereoselective renal tubular secretion of cetirizine enantiomers: initial plasma and urine data analysis may hold the key [letter]. Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of [14 C]levocetirizine, the r enantiomer of cetirizine, in healthy volunteers. Severe arrhythmia as a result of the interaction of cetirizine and pilsicainide in a patient with renal insufficiency: first case presentation showing competition for excretion via renal multidrug resistance protein 1 and organic cation transporter 2. A pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of the antihistaminic (H)1 effects of cetirizine. Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone antagonist cetrorelix in healthy female volunteers. Novel formulations of cetrorelix in healthy men: pharmacodynamic effects and noncompartmental pharmacokinetics. Pharmacodynamic effects and plasma pharmacokinetics of single doses of cetrorelix acetate in healthy premenopausal women. Pharmacokinetics of chloral hydrate poisoning treated with hemodialysis and hemoperfusion. Pharmacokinetics of trichloroethanol and metabolites and interconversions among variously referenced pharmacokinetic parameters. Determination of chloral hydrate metabolism in adult and neonate biological fiuids after single-dose administration. Hepatic metabolism of chloral hydrate to free radical(s) and induction of lipid peroxidation. Pharmacokinetics of chlorambucil in man after administration of the free drug and its prednisolone ester (prednimustine, Leo 1031). Effect of food on pharmacokinetics of chlorambucil and its main metabolite, phenylacetic acid mustard. High-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of chlorambucil tert-butyl ester and its active metabolites chlorambucil and phenylacetic mustard in plasma and tissue. Association of acute leukaemia with chlorambucil after renal transplantation [letter]. Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of chlorambucil in patients with malignant disease. Methylprednisolone plus chlorambucil as compared with methylprednisolone alone for the treatment of idiopathic membranous nephropathy. Pharmacokinetics of chlorambucil in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: comparison of different days, cycles and doses. The effect of dosage on the bioavailability of chlorothiazide administered in solution. Comparison of chlorothiazide and meralluride: new rapid method for quantitative evaluation of diuretics in bed-patients in congestive heart failure. The effect of dosage regimen on the diuretic efficacy of chlorothiazide in human subjects. Predicting the dose-dependent bioavailability of hydrocortisone and chlorothiazide in humans [letter]. Infiuence of food and fiuid volume on chlorothiazide bioavailability: comparison of plasma and urinary excretion methods. Pharmacokinetics of oral antihyperglycaemic agents in patients with renal insufficiency. Water retention after oral chlorpropamide is associated with an increase in renal papillary arginine vasopressin receptors. Interindividual differences in chlorthalidone concentration in plasma and red cells of man after single and multiple doses. Pharmacokinetics of chlorthalidone in the elderly after single and multiple doses [letter]. Comparative studies on spironolactone (Aldactone) and chlorthalidone (Hygroton) in the treatment of arterial hypertension. Pharmacokinetics of chlorthalidone: dependence of biological half life on blood carbonic anhydrase levels. Pharmacokinetics of cidofovir n renal insufficiency and in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis or high-fiux dialysis. Clinical pharmacokinetics of the antiviral nucleotide analogues cidofovir and adefovir. Clinical pharmacokinetics of cidofovir in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients. Cytotoxicity of antiviral nucleotides adefovir and cidofovir is induced by the expression of human renal organic anion transporter 1. Severe irreversible proximal renal tubular acidosis and azotaemia secondary to cidofovir [letter]. Cidofovir for adenovirus infections after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a survey by the Infectious Diseases Working Party of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Nucleoside phosphonate interactions with multiple organic anion transporters in renal proximal tubule. Cidofovir for treating adenoviral hemorrhagic cystitis in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. Retransplantation in patients with graft loss caused by polyoma virus nephropathy. Disseminated adenovirus infection in renal transplant recipients: the role of cidofovir and intravenous immunoglobulin. Polyomavirus-associated nephropathy: update of clinical management in kidney transplant patients. The effect of low-dose cidofovir on the long-term outcome of polyomavirus-associated nephropathy in renal transplant recipients. Acute renal failure in a lung transplant patient after therapy with cidofovir [letter]. Hemodialysis Preferably avoid unless no suitable alternative exists; if indeed necessary, 0. The hemodynamic effects of intravenous cimetidine in intensive care unit patients: a double-blind, prospective study. Cimetidine-procainamide pharmacokinetic interaction in man: evidence of competition for tubular secretion of basic drugs. Elimination of ciprofioxacin and three major metabolites and consequences of reduced renal function. Pharmacokinetics of ciprofioxacin and vancomycin in patients with acute renal failure treated by continuous haemodialysis. Pharmacokinetics of intravenously administered ciprofioxacin in patients with various degrees of renal function. New quinolones: pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and dosing in patients with renal insufficiency. Ciprofioxacin in plasma and peritoneal dialysate after oral therapy in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.

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Following induction of anaesthesia antibiotics for dogs petsmart buy 250mg keflex with visa, the examination should be performed in a detailed and structured way with the charting performed simultaneously antibiotics for dogs with gastroenteritis purchase generic keflex canada. After the visual inspection of the entire oral cavity virus mp3 cheap keflex 500 mg free shipping, the tactile examination is performed in two steps utilizing the appropriate instruments bacteria beneficial to humans cheap keflex 500 mg fast delivery. First, the teeth themselves are examined for defects such as tooth wear, resorption, caries, pulp exposure, and enamel disease with a dental explorer. Following this, pocket depth and furcation exposure are evaluated with a periodontal probe. It is crucial to know the anatomy of the involved structures to create a proper diagnosis (for more detail see chapter 1a: Oral and Dental Anatomy and Physiology). Inspect the oropharynx: it is advisable to make a quick inspection of the oropharynx before endotracheal intubation and placing a throat pack. Take a preoperative photograph: preoperative photographs should be taken before any procedure. The photographs serve as proof for pre-operative dental condition as well as provide visual evidence to the owner. It is recommended to use a lip retractor or dental mirror to better visualize the entire dentition and surrounding structures (Fig. Assess the soft tissue: the entire oral cavity should be examined, including oral mucosa and mucous membranes (for colour, moistness, swelling), lips and cheeks, palate, tongue and sublingual tissue for alterations and oral masses. Initial scaling of the teeth: for better visibility of the tooth surfaces and gingiva an initial cleaning with a dental scaler is recommended. Intraoperative photograph: it is advised to take a photograph of any pathology revealed by the scaling (Fig. Dental examination with dental explorer: each tooth must be examined with a dental explorer, beginning with the first incisor of each quadrant and progressing distally caudally tooth by tooth to cover the entire arch. A normal tooth surface is very smooth; any roughness is an indication of pathology. The entire surface of each tooth should to be explored, especially the area just below the gingival margin to detect resorptive lesions. Various differentials for a roughened tooth surface include: tooth fracture (uncomplicated/complicated) (for more detail see chapter 1c: Fractured Teeth), enamel defect. Extrinsic staining may be due to wear, metal chewing, and certain drugs in the developmental period. Furcation involvement: furcation involvement indicates bone loss between the roots of multi rooted teeth. Staging of periodontal disease: staging can be performed by combining the clinical findings and the dental radiographs (American Veterinary Dental College, 2017)(Fig. Additional therapy: Based on all available information (visual, tactile, and radiographic) determine and execute the final treatment plan. In this situation, a thorough examination with a dental explorer, a periodontal probe and a mirror will give fairly accurate information about status of the oral cavity. Periodontal staging without dental x-ray is very inaccurate but if there is no option it still may be of some help. By measuring the crown, the length of the roots can be estimated and a staging can be approximated. Recording A thorough examination can only be performed on an anaesthetized patient. The results of the clinical examination must be recorded on a dental chart to enable the creation of a proper treatment plan in all tiers. They must also be kept as part of the medical record and may be used to illustrate, to the owner, when explaining the work performed. Each tooth has a three-digit number which identifies the quadrant, position and whether it is a primary or a permanent tooth. The first digit denotes the quadrant, which is numbered clockwise beginning at the upper right quadrant (1-4 for permanent dentition, 5-8 for primary dentition). The second and third digits refer to the position within the quadrant, with the sequence always starting at the midline with the first incisor (Fig. The advantages of the Modified Triadan System are that it allows for easy identification of a tooth, is understood throughout the world (no language barrier), issuitable for all species, faster than writing out the tooth description, and ideal for digitalized recording and statistics. The results can either be hand drawn into a dental chart or marked in an attached multiple choice spreadsheet. The most common signs for dental recording are a circle for a missing tooth (O), a hash mark for a fractured tooth (#) and a cross for an extracted tooth (X). The basic clinical findings can be scored with a simple mouse click onto the dental charts. The scored criteria are: missing tooth, persistent deciduous tooth in dogs/resorptive lesions in cats, fractured tooth, inflammation index, extraction. With a few clicks the clinic data and logo can be inserted, and an individual report created which will increase the customer loyalty (Fig. The feature serves as educational tool, diagnostic and treatment planning aid, and may be used for illustrating the condition to the client. Key Points: fi the conscious examinaton is important but is of very limited value, as a complete exam is only possible under general anesthesia. Journal of Nutrition 136: 2021S-2023S Gorrel C (2004) Odontoclastic resorptive lesions. Stage 2 (F2): Furcation 2 involvement exists when a periodontal probe extends greater than half way under the crown of a multirooted tooth with attachment loss but not through and through. The loss of periodontal attachment is less than 25% as measured either by probing of the clinical attachment level, or radiographic determination of the distance of the alveolar margin from the cementoenamel junction relative to the length of the root. Plaque removal and control consists of 4 aspects depending on the level of disease. Extraction this section will cover the complete dental prophylaxis/cleaning as well as basic indications for periodontal surgery and extractions. Homecare and basic extraction techniques will be covered elsewhere in this document, however periodontal surgery is beyond the scope of these guidelines. Regardless of the name, the goal of this procedure is not only to clean and polish the teeth, but also to evaluate the periodontal tissues and entire oral cavity. Only when the patient is properly anaesthetized can a safe and effective cleaning and oral exam be performed. It is important to note that proper periodontal/dental/oral therapy takes time and patience. A minimum of one hour should be allotted for all dental cases and much more in many instances. Professional periodontal therapies must be performed with quality (not quantity) in mind. The physical exam, in combination with pre-operative testing, screens for general health issues which may exacerbate periodontal disease or compromise anaesthetic safety. The use of a periodontal diagnostic strip by the examining veterinarian can improve the accuracy of the conscious periodontal evaluation. The veterinarian can then discuss the various disease processes found on the examination as well as the available treatment options with the owner. This face-to-face discussion will improve client understanding of the disease processes and associated sequela. Based on the oral examination findings, the practitioner can create a more accurate estimate both of procedure time and financial costs to the client. The client should be made aware at this point that a complete oral examination is not possible on a conscious patient. The infectious organisms are not only supplied by the patientís mouth, but also the water lines of the mechanized hand pieces (ultrasonic scalers and high speed hand-pieces). Furthermore, they should not be performed near any sick or compromised patients, or near any clean procedures. This means that dental cleanings often result in a transient bacteremia, which is more severe in patients with periodontitis. The most common used mechanical scaler in veterinary dentistry today is the ultrasonic model. Both types of ultrasonic scalers are very efficient and provide the additional benefit of creating an antibacterial effect in the coolant spray (cavitation). At slower rates of vibration, they generate minimal heat, and therefore may be a safer alternative to ultrasonics (See equipment section for a complete discussion of mechanical scalers). Mechanical scaling When using any of the mechanical scalers, the first concern is the power level setting of the instrument.

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Let the patient do mean pain or difficulty or both: which do you rethe talking Ė listening is the key to antimicrobial effects of spices order 250 mg keflex otc taking a history antibiotics for comedonal acne order keflex canada. Frequency is most simply expressed by Try to antibiotic resistance and meat cheap keflex online mastercard get a clear picture of the way the illness has writing down how often your patient voids by day developed over the years virus or bacteria cheap keflex 500mg mastercard, and make sure you really and by night. Never end your enquiry without asking whether the patient has noticed blood in the urine: haematuria is the single-most important symptom in the whole of urology, particularly if it is painless. It matters in depth and making a thorough examination of not whether the blood has been seen by the paevery system. Something approaching such a thortient or found in a dipstick test, nor whether it ough clerking may indeed be necessary when adis well mixed or appears at the beginning or the mitting a patient to the ward, but in the outpatient end of the stream: any kind of blood in the urine clinic it would be cruelly slow and unfair to the demands thorough investigation. Ask about rheumatism and arthritis for which analgesics may have been taken: analgesic nephropathy is surprisingly common and seldom Abdominal examination suspected unless you ask about the consumption of painkilling tablets. Kidney Students often feel awkward when asking about the traditional physical signs of an enlarged kidvenereal disease. As you listen to the patient r there is said to be a band of resonance in front it may be obvious that certain investigations are of the kidney due to gas in the colon (Fig. Unobtrusively filling in the relevant forms will not stop you from listening politely but will save time, and more importantly, may prevent you from writing down too much. You can Ďget above ití palpable lump Physical examination Physical examination begins as the patient comes Costal into the room. Does the gait sugMoves with gest pain, Parkinsonism or ankylosing spondylirespiration tisfi Is there that faint whiff of urine that suggests uraemia, or the ammoniacal reek of wet trousersfi To rise to shake your patientís hand is not mere politeness: it gives useful information. Whatever your specialty, never forget that you are a doctor first and your concern is for the patient as a whole. In an ideal world, where no doctor was ever pushed for time and no patient ever in a hurry to Figure 1. None of these physical signs is trustworthy: on the right side the supposed Ďkidneyí may turn out to r a rounded swelling arising out of the pelvis; and be the gall bladder or liver, and on the left it may r dull to percussion. A large mass may arise from or does not always rise up in the midline as expected, displace the colon. The infallible sign is that the swelling goes away if you let the urine out with a catheter. Do not forget that Bladder an enlarged uterus arising from the pelvis could An enlarged bladder (Figs. One expects to find: Groin Examination of the inguinal regions is concerned with three hernial orifices on each side (Fig. Remember that direct and indirect inguinal herniae may be present in the same patient, with the two sacs emerging like a pair of trousers on either Figure 1. The sac has a narrow neck, and is always surthe sartorius position (hip fiexion and lateral rotarounded by a layer upon layer of fat like an onion, tion), assessment of a possible femoral hernia can so that a cough impulse can be difficult to feel. A femoral hernia is mimicked by a saphena varix, Inferior epigastric artery and vein Anterior superior iliac spine Indirect hernia Direct hernia Femoral artery Pubic tubercle Femoral vein Figure 1. If you can, it the swelling, either the wall of the swelling is must be scrotal (Fig. A solid If it is separate or behind the testis, it is likely to lump arising from the epididymis is usually bebe a collection of cysts of the epididymis (Fig. If the closure happens proximally and disthe spermatic cord tally only, this leaves a cystic structure within the r Varicocele: the veins draining the testicle may spermatic cord which is mobile with it. Rectal examination (Like you, neither of us has ever actually felt a bag of worms, but we both know what it would feel One may perform a rectal examination in either like. Alr Feel the prostate carefully for hardness or nodways introduce your finger slowly and gently to ules which may mean cancer (Fig. Even if it allow the sphincter to relax (everyone knows the feels normal, try to estimate its diameters. Once inprostate is tender on light palpation, it may be the side the rectum: site of infiammation. The dye is an indicator, and is therefore For centuries the doctor has learnt much from the not reliable when the urine is very acid or very urine: in times past, the doctor would look at it, alkaline. Today, he or r A more reliable test for protein is to add a drop she need not taste it. Infected urine usually stinks, of 25% salicylsulphonic acid: this precipitates proand is always cloudy. Crystal clear urine is never tein as a cloud unless the urine is exceptionally infected. Protein r Paper strips impregnated with tetrabromophenol normally turn blue in the pH range found Lecture Notes: Urology, 6th edition. The test strip Paper strips are impregnated with potassium ioproduces a yellow band if positive, green if negdide and two enzymes: glucose oxidase converts ative. Glucose and Put a drop of urine on a slide and cover with a other reducing substances throw down an orange cover slip. Blood in the urine Pus r Commercial stick tests for haematuria rely on A similar drop of urine will show more than five the oxidation of tetramethylbenzidine by cumene white cells per high power field if there is infecperoxidase, which is catalysed by haemoglobin to tion. Gram stain of the centrifuged deposit may identify r If the test is positive, examine the urine under which bacteria are present. Casts the sensitivity of these stick tests is adjusted by the manufacturers to show a positive result when the Casts are the squeezed-out contents of the collectamount of haemoglobin corresponds to about 10 ing tubules of the kidney. When they are made of red cells per high power field Ėtwice the number protein they are clear (hyaline): when made of red found in normal urine Ė so a positive stick test alor white cells they are granular (Fig. Remember that false-positive tests may occur if the glass container has been contaminated with povidoneCrystals iodine or has been cleaned with a bleaching agent In cool urine there are always some crystals of such as hypochlorite. The hexagonal plates of cystine give away the diagnosis of Infection cystinuria. Two stick tests for infection are available: r based on bacterial conversion of nitrate to nitrite; and Mycobacterium tuberculosis r detection of leucocytes by leucocyte esterase acthe centrifuged urine is stained with auramine and tivity. There it 9 Chapter 2 Investigations Protein Leucocyte Red cell (hyaline) (granular) (granular) Figure 2. Anaplastic tumour cells are larger and have bigger nuclei than normal urothelium. Note common sources of error: Schistosoma ova r False-negatives may occur if the tumour is well the centrifuged deposit of urine may show the differentiated when the shed cells are hardly difcharacteristic ova of Schistosoma. Culture of urine Calcium oxalate Urine is an excellent culture medium and is easily contaminated from the wall of the urethra, prepuce or vulva, or by air-borne dust. At room temperature contaminants grow rapidly so that urine must either be plated out at once, or put in a refrigerator. A mistaken diagnosis of infection may be made if the urine is allowed to stand around at room temperature for a few hours before reaching the laboratory. The urine is obtained in three ways: Cystine r By needle aspiration of the bladder. Each organism gives rise to one colony, Triple so a colony count shows how many bacteria were phosphate present in the urine. As a rule more than 50,000 (10)5 colonies/mL signifies infection, and anything less means contamination. Plastic slides coated with culture media are dipped in urine, drained off, placed in a sterile Figure 2. It must include the bladder base and the prostate urethral region in order not to miss a urethral stone. Always check that the soft tissue shadow of the liver is on the right side and the gastric air bubble on the left. Gas in the stomach Soft tissue shadow of the liver Stone in left kidney Quickly glance Do not at the bones, trust sacroiliac and these hip joints, etc. It can range from a trivial urticaramination of the lumbosacral spine is essential to ial rash which will vanish with an antihistamine, exclude spina bifida defects. A distended bladder or an enlarged uterus complete iodobenzoate molecule, not free iodine, will fill the pelvis and displace the usual bowel gas so it is futile to perform skin tests with iodine. In order to detect a large bladder residual the reaction is not avoided by giving the first few volume, it is often helpful to obtain the film after millilitres of contrast slowly.

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Treatment involves highbial therapy is usually required before results are finalized bacteria 600x buy cheap keflex on-line. It is useful to virus vs bacteria purchase keflex 750mg amex assess fever and infections according to infection under armpit buy 250 mg keflex Other opportunistic infections are similarly treated the time period after kidney transplant bacteria webquest generic keflex 500 mg mastercard. In the first with specific antimicrobial drugs and reduction in immonth or so, infections are broadly similar to those that munosuppression. Thus, bacterial After the first 6 months, the immunosuppressive load is infections (of wounds, urinary tract, or lungs) predomilower and opportunistic infections become less common nate. Note that patients frequently have indwelling (although the risk is still somewhat increased). Thus, foreign material such as bladder catheters, urinary patients who present years after transplant with fever stents, and central lines; these devices can become will often have infective causes similar to the general infected. Thymoglobulin for late acute rejection)óthey are again Of note, fever and mild allergic reactions to Thymoat high risk of opportunistic infections. These can be Avoiding excess immunosuppression is vital to minprevented and treated with acetaminophen antihistaimize infection. However, ďstandardĒ ally, this can lead to severe rejection of the failed infections of the lungs, urinary tract, and so on, may allograft. Canadian Society of Transplantation consensus workshop on cytomegalovirus management in and hepatitis; signs of pneumonitis, colitis, or retinitis solid organ transplantation final report. Fracture mon, and examination features local tenderness and pain of the distal radius (Collesí fracture) is a common comwith the Finkelstein test (passive medial displacement of plication of falls in patients with osteoporosis. Polyarticular gout can be phenomenon can be severe and threaten digital infarceither chronic (usually with asymmetrically distributed tion and gangrene. Embolic disease and vasculitis must tophi detectable) or, less commonly, acute, but in both be considered in acute compromise of the circulation to cases there is usually a prior history of monoarticular the fingers. Suspicion for infection is low in a polyarpression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel is ticular presentation, so joint aspiration is indicated only common and presents with pain in the hand (often to confirm suspected cases of acute gout. Radiography radiating), loss of sensation in the distribution of the is often helpful in making the diagnosis and in assessing median nerve (palmar aspect of the lateral three finthe degree of joint damage. Infection is much less sion of the ulnar nerve leads to pain and sensory loss common in the finger joints than in the wrist. Compression of the disease often presents as monoarthritis, particularly in radial nerve, cervical nerve roots, and brachial plexus is acute attacks of gout or pseudogout (acute infiammaa less common neurologic cause of isolated hand and tion associated with release of crystals formed during wrist pain. Raynaudís phenomenon is defined by episodic ischemia of sympathomimetic agents, cyclosporine, cocaine, ergotthe digits in response to cold or emotional stimuli. In addition, exposure to polystages of Raynaudís include pallor, cyanosis, and rubor. Palvinyl chloride and heavy metals has been associated lor is caused by vasospasm and loss of arterial blood fiow, with Raynaudís phenomenon. Withdrawal of offending cyanosis reveals the deoxygenation of static venous blood, medications and conservative therapy as for primary and rubor shows the reactive hyperemia following return of Raynaudís phenomenon should be attempted. Prevalence in the United States ranges between Raynaudís secondary to an underlying disease should 4% and 11% in women and 3% and 8% in men, dependbe suspected in a patient with associated symptoms or ing on the population studied. Severity can range from mild signs, in those with new Raynaudís phenomenon after intermittent symptoms to severe persistent ischemia with 40 years of age, or in those with severe ischemia or ulceration of digits. It is usually symmetric, and asymmetry should cold temperatures and keeping the entire body warm prompt investigation of traumatic etiology or thromis recommended. It is not necessary to perform provocative tests because Asymmetric Raynaudís should raise the suspicion they are often inaccurate. Hand-arm vibration exposure, as occurs tients with an underlying rheumatic disease are frewith pneumatic hammer operators, can also cause a quently distorted and irregular. In asymmetric Raynaudís, thromRaynaudís phenomenon is considered primary if the botic and embolic disease should also be considered. Primary Raynaudís is more common in women sonography may be useful, but arteriography is the than in men and usually starts at a younger age. For primary Raynaudís, the avoidance of cold temperatures and keeping the entire body warm is often sufficient therapy. In addition, avoiding vasoconstrictive medications, tobacco, and caffeine can be helpful. Raynaudís phenomenon: When conservative therapy is insufficient, long-acting clinical spectrum of 118 patients. The incidence and Many medications have been implicated in Raynaudís natural history of Raynaudís phenomenon in the community. N Engl J Med 2002;347: peutic agents, interferon, estrogen, nicotine, narcotics, 1001Ė1008. This page intentionally left blank Scrotal masses can present clinically as a result of tumor, standing. First, the scrotal skin should be examined for trauma, and/or infiammation of the scrotal wall or its consebaceous cysts, infected hair follicles, and other dertents. Particularly in patients with noted incidentally by the patient or a sexual partner. The diabetes or who are immunocompromised, cellulitis of key to diagnosis begins with consideration of the complete the scrotal skin or abscess of the underlying soft tissue differential diagnosis and appropriate management based may present as a painful indurated mass associated with on clinical findings. If the patient presents with a lateralizing complaint, begin the examination with the An accurate history of constitutional symptoms with normal contralateral side. On testicular examination, characterization of the onset and duration of urologic this provides a baseline and allows the examiner to apsymptoms allows the clinician to narrow the differenpreciate the relative size, contour, and consistency of tial diagnosis of a scrotal mass considerably. Physical of the patientís past medical history, family history, examination of the testis is performed by careful palpasexual history, and surgical history, with particular attion of the testis between the thumb and first two fintention to genitourinary tract instrumentation, is imgers of the examining hand. Any firm, hard, or fixed area there is a question of sexually transmitted disease, within the substance of the tunica albuginea should be testing for and chlamydia is indicated. If a considered suspicious for tumor until proved othersolid scrotal mass is identified by examination or ultrawise. In Patients will present with either a painful or painpatients in whom the diagnosis is unclear or in whom a less mass in the scrotum. Acute onset of pain with a hydrocele precludes adequate examination, imaging scrotal mass is most frequently associated with acute studies should be used as an important second step. A trauma history with marked testicular enlargesion of the physical examination. Dull or within the tunica albuginea is suspicious for testicular chronic scrotal pain can be associated with noninfiamcancer. Color fiow Doppler ultrasonography will reveal matory conditions such as varicocele or hydrocele. In decreased or absent blood fiow to the gonad in torsion addition, approximately 30%Ė40% of patients with and typically will show increased fiow in epididymoorchitesticular cancer present with a chief complaint of a tis. Intrascrotal fiuid collections are no barrier to the exdull ache or a heavy sensation in the lower abdomen, amination of the underlying testicular parenchyma by anal area, or scrotum. Because of their embryologic relathe differential diagnosis of a painless scrotal mass tion to the testes, pathology in the kidneys or retroincludes varicocele, hydrocele, and tumor. Less comperitoneum can present as pain referred to the scrotum mon diagnoses include hematoma and epididymal cyst and is not associated with a mass. The differential diagnosis of a painful ten a symptom of medical disease, which will cause scrotal mass includes testicular torsion, epididymitis, generalized scrotal enlargement bilaterally, whereas and epididymoorchitis. Inguinal hernias can present as a scrotal mass is performed by bimanual examination with the patient with or without pain. If symptomatic or epididymis as a result of an infection or a sterile proconcerning for strangulation, referral to a general cess. Rarely, epididymal cysts may most common cause of infectious epididymitis in boys enlarge enough to cause the patient pain, in which case and the elderly. Large epididymal cysts subacute onset of scrotal pain and swelling and may be are referred to as spermatoceles. Torsion must be the first considthe amount of swelling may make localization of the eration in any patient presenting with a painful scrotal epididymis difficult, in which case imaging to rule out mass because delay in diagnosis can result in loss of the torsion may be necessary. Torsion refers to twisting of the spermatic cord thought to cause epididymal pain, which can be with vascular compromise, resulting in sudden onset of chronic and may be associated with a nodular texture pain and swelling of the affected testicle. Fican easily make the diagnosis, but if torsion is seriously nally, a 10-day course of fiuoroquinolone is appropriconsidered, immediate referral to a urologist for surgiate for treatment of infectious epididymitis when colical exploration and detorsion is mandatory. A hydrocele is a fiuid collection within: Epididymoorchitis is the result the tunica vaginalis adjacent to the testes. The swelling of progression of an infiammatory process of the epiis uniform, involving one hemiscrotum, and transilludidymis to involve the adjacent testicle.

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